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Celebrating {Inter}National Scrapbooking Day

You know how America has a myriad of “holidays” – almost one for every day of the year it seems? Well, Saturday May 2 is no exception. That is their National Scrapbooking Day. And being a dedicated (ignore the fact I haven’t done so much this year!) scrapper myself, I’ll be joining in for sure.

Not by actual planning though. No, that is not how this girl operates! Such things are purely coincidental in my case!! πŸ˜†

Last October myself and three other crafty girlfriends put our diaries together to ensure there was a weekend free that none of us were allowed to cancel out from. Looking through the diaries, this weekend was the first date that could be set in concrete. I am so NOT the only busy bee in town.

So, tonight, a winged car leaves from Tawa and the blue Oma-mobile leaves from the Hutt, each carrying two occupants and the best part of a scrap/cardmaking shop between us. The cars and their occupants will meet in Waikanae where we will be enjoying a bottle of wine, lots of laughter, chat, fun and games and best of all great company – for two fantastic nights. Oh yeah, there should be a bit of crafting going on as well. We’ve been counting down the sleeps and my share of the “shop lot” is spread out in order to determine what to take. Actually, it’ll all be packed and taken because it really is that hard for me to decide what to leave behind!!

If you hear lots of laughter and general mayhem as you drive through the Kapiti coast this weekend, you’ll know it is four friends having a whale of a time. Especially as there’s something afoot……… πŸ˜‰

Oh, and for those of you not coming to Waikanae, you can still join in the {Inter}National Day by checking out Scrappin’ Patch as they have plans too.


8 thoughts on “Celebrating {Inter}National Scrapbooking Day

  1. Have a fabulous time Kelly … I’m thinking this break is well deserved and just what you need. And why not take everything … there’s only two of you in the car, you should have room for it all … you are taking a BIG car aren’t you? :o)

  2. Sounds like you have all been hanging out for this weekend – have a great time. Sooo just how much scrapping will actually be done??? LOL

  3. A little laughter never hurt anyone, a little creativity never hurt anyone, although do be careful being creative after you have had a few vinos … enjoy!!!

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