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I blinked

And April sped past! Wow!! I know I’m harping on a theme that I bring up frequently…. but wow!

So, the holidays passed by pretty darn quickly. Hubby was in Napier the first Wednesday-Saturday with the Hutt City Brass Band. They were very pleased with their result of first in the Own Choice category in their grade, and 5th overall in their grade. A much improved result from the previous year where they felt very hard done by.

Mr 7 had a game in the Cake Tin ahead of the Hurricanes Vs. Stormers match. It was an exhibition game of Ripper Rugby and he was a bit nervous before I dropped him off to his coach:

*Mum, all those people looking at me will make me nervous and drop the ball.


*Mum, that was soooo cool. I was on the big screen and I was watching myself!! Um yeah, the nerves weren’t there at all!! LOL

The biggest thrill (apart from the big screen) was seeing some school mates in the crowd and knowing they thought he was cool, plus running out from the actual players tunnel. I was a bit bummed that I wasn’t in attendance as well, but I was still a bit tired from recovery and Mr 5 didn’t need a late night.

We then had a couple of days that we were all home, and then the second Wednesday to Sunday, the Mr’s and I flew via Christchurch to head to Invercargill for the big family ‘Do. My Nana and Grandad were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Not too many of those celebrated these days – and I worked out that most people my age will need to live well into their 90s before they will get to celebrate. Wow! This could be a very rare celebration indeed!!

Wednesday night we had a joint family dinner with my sister’s in-laws as R turned 17 the day before. We headed to Sequoia 88 – and the Mr’s could not believe their luck: it was their first experience of Buffet style restaurants. Eyes bigger than their bellies led to quite a lot of wastage, which I hope no-one will condemn us for. But they thought it was great to just go get whatever they wanted!! Mr 7 really had a decent meal – even selecting some vegies. Mr 5 had to be persuaded to try more than just the buttered bread roll or water crackers! But he did enjoy all those that he had!!

Thursday night saw Mr 5 and I begin our journey south while Mr 7 stayed in Chch with my sister and his cousin. Our car stopped in Timaru where we stayed with an aunt and uncle in their new house. Another uncle had flown in from Australia and was also staying there this night so it was a great catch up. It was amazing to have six extra bodies in teh house and we were not tripping over each other!! Wow!

Friday we continued south and stopped at Dunedin for lunch and the Cadbury tour. My neice, S, and Mr 5 were disappointed they didn’t see any Oompa-loompas and the adults were surprised that we didn’t actually see any chocolates being made…. the buttons line was down for cleaning. We did leave with a stash of give-away chocolates but thought the tour was a little under-done.

Friday night we stayed at the Ascot and had a little hiccup with the room allocated to us. Five bodies in one small studio room was not the go. After talking to reception, we were shown a fantastic room that we were prepared to upgrade to, only to be told that it wasn’t available!!!!! Great! Anyway, with the threat of us leaving to go elsewhere, the staff worked out a great alternative and we ended up with adjoining rooms and more than enough beds for the two nights. In fact the second room that adjoined the first was good enough to serve as lounge and yet another uncle and his fiance plus my mum and her husband joined us for some welcome, relaxed drinks.

Saturday was great. Warm, sunny weather (I’d been expecting cold, rainy weather so the few summer clothes we’d packed got a good workout!) Mrs Frizz had managed to track me down (I’m sooooo not good with specifics and she really had to hone her detective skills in order to meet me for a coffee!!) and it was fantastic to spend time with an online buddy.

Our room was again picked as being the best space wise and the rest of the family in town began to congregate before the festivities began. It was also the morning the remaining family that was attending were arriving in via the airport – Mr7, his cousin and my sister among them. After quite a bit of the usual family catch-ups, teasing and general larking about that goes on in this family, it looked like we were about to settle in for the day. Thankfully Nana started panicking about the time lunch was due to arrive as most of us thought the afternoon tea was at 3, but it was in fact at 2. Doh!! A quick sort out ensued and we were there in time.

Uncle P had worked hard behind the scenes and organised messages from all sorts of dignatories: the local MPs, John Key, the Governor-General and even the Queen herself. The resthome residents were most impressed by these – and then the honourable Tim Shadbolt himself arrived with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. I think the impression of grandness was cemented well and truly!! 😆


Afternoon tea with the Mayor dropping in

Dinner was an extended family affair and very nice indeed at the Ascot. Grandad had had enough of all the family photos by this stage though and was just wanting to get back to his dessert!


The happy couple – albeit tired!!


The grandkids and the great-grandkids that attended (there are 7 grandkids that didn’t make it and a further 9week old great-grandkid)

One thing that was a big bummer was that for all the photos that were taken on many, various cameras, most had issues. A cousin accidently reformatted her card and lost the pics, an uncle had something weird happen to his, someone else had settings on the wrong thing and my own camera decided to take very grainy, blurry shots despite being on the correct settings! I’m thinking the cameras weren’t happy that day!!!

Sunday was the big drive back to Christchurch…. Stopping at Oamaru for lunch, then Temuka for afternoon tea (with an Aunt on the other side of the family) the Mr’s and I were finally checked in to head back to Wellington. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well we travelled back on the Sunday – I thought we’d be a lot longer on the road. Although it was really a good thing we weren’t!!

Monday arrives and term begins. We’re back in the school routine again and suddenly I’m hit with how fast the month has flown.


6 thoughts on “I blinked

  1. Wow, you have been a busy gal!
    Big congrats to your Nana and Grandad on their 60th 🙂
    And congrats to Mister 7 on his game and no nerves lol 😉

  2. That is so great … that you got to be there with your family … it looks like you had a fabulous time and your Grandparents look very happy. Congratulations to them!

    I’m wondering what happened to April too … it seems to have just disappeared before my eyes. How fab at playing at the cake tin and being on the big screen … I can sooooo see you being a mother to a future All Black. ;o)

  3. You know, only in Invers would the mayor make the effort to do that I reckon – good ole Tim! Great to catch up on all your news Kell.

  4. You’ve had a blinder of a month and yep, it’s been jam packed!!!

    Shame about the camera[s] for the Saturday night pics … special memories though all the same.

    You can slow down a little now that you are home – lol!!!

  5. That is so fantastic about a 60th wedding anniversary! My parents will celebrate their 58th WA this year.

    It does sounds as though the entire trip was great fun

  6. Whewwwwww….geez chicky, I’m tired just reading all that! Sounds like a wonderful trip – hmmm poltergeist activity with the cameras though?!?

    I totally agree, this year is SPEEDING by, only another two months and Shan and I will have been here a year! Crazy! Rugby sounds awesome, what a cool experience. Gotta catch up soon and hear all the goss!

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