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Easter happenings

Well, the reality is that our Easter was pretty darn quiet. I’ve been a little taken aback as to how long it takes to regain usual energy levels. On some days I don’t think I’ve done that much, but a little extra running around is paid for in a day or two. Still, things must be improving because I’m getting in longer stretches of days before I need to rest up a bit. Nana naps are great!! šŸ˜†

Here are a couple of pics of rugby day I missed in person:


Mr 5 loving, seriously LOVING, his first rugby training in the nursary grade. Hubby doesn’t know what was going on with the camera but most of these photos are blurry. One thing you can’t miss though is the huge ear to ear smile that never left Mr5’s face!


A little later in the morning and the camera is behaving again. Mr 7 is leading from the front at this point and looking every inch a future All Black (…..whaaaat?? You’ve gotta have goals! LOL) Actually, Mr 7 is trying to work out which position he thinks he’d like to play in. Yes indeed, nothing holding this boy back!


Easter bunny left two very special bunnies to be found in the morning. Actually, EB stuffed up a little….. he left the high quality chocolate bunnies that were destined for more grown-up tummies for the Mr’s because the assistant bunny forgot to actually get little guy supplies in. Ooooops!! The things that get overlooked when mother is slightly housebound!! šŸ˜³


One thing that was still on the books was our Easter Hunt. It’s become a bit of an annual thing to share this with the A’s – it’s more fun when there are more kids hunting!!Ā  This particular peek of gold in amongst some lavender was the last egg to be found. What was really funny was that we told the kids that there was an egg hidden and the two big Mr’s were hunting every direction around the bush except the most obvious!


This year’s hunt took place in the new setting of the front yard. I had visions of Angus hunting out the well placed eggs in advance of the kids and thought it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. An added advantage of the front yard is that finally I have photos of the Mr’s faces!! Usually it’s been the behind view and I’ve never been quick enough to hit the button the second they spin around and take off for the next find! In this instance, Mr 7 is not saying “oh cool, look what we’ve found”. It’s more like “Darn, you beat me to it again!!

No matter how much reminding of how we do things, there is always a bit of competition during the hunt as to who can find the most to put in their baskets. But because I can’t handle the loud protests of finding someone has a smidge more chocolate than another, all egss found are put into a pile at the end and shared evenly. I can’t believe I succomb to this particular piece of PC-ness, but believe me….. it makes for a lot more pleasant day afterwards.

And finally, I actually did some scrapping over the weekend. I can’t believe how many projects I simply haven’t done yet this year. So here at Easter, I was doing some Christmas layouts. Makes a lot of sense…..not!! šŸ˜† And after going through my stash to work out what I was going to work with, I came up with this page.

A bonus with this particular layout is that because it is all stuff from my stash and nothing new, it fits the bill for one of the challenges over at Scrappin Patch. Woohoo – finally a challenge done in time for a deadline. The fact it is purely coincidental doesn’t need to be spoken of, surely? šŸ˜†


I’m determined to get through a lot more of the projects I have in my To Do pile so hopefully my mojo will come out of hibernation and work with me.

One lot of layouts I’m determined to have done before the end of the holidays are the easter photos. Because I realised I have about 3 or 4 years now of photos waiting to be scrapped!! Someone mentioned on one of the forums that they have problems scrapping the “themed” pages… I think I identify! And to this end, I was thrilled to get a link to the Scrapbook Etc newsletter with 31 pages of easter layouts. Woohoo……. I think that will cover some of the pages I need to do.

Also being tackled is a myriad of unfinished projects. One in particular is a cross stitch that I wanted to complete. It was one that my MIL was working on at the time she had her stroke. That was four years ago, so it really is high time it got finished.

Footnote to the last post: how silly am I? (actually, don’t answer that!) I didn’t actually realise there was a small payment that is made when you have a submission published. I was just thrilled to have my work in a magazine. To see that there is a wee payment….. Squeeeeeeeeeee!! šŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Easter happenings

  1. Hey your blog post answered the questions I had in my email earlier. Glad to hear you are okay, but remember you are not superwoman. Anyway you need to take it easy and rest up fr your trip down south. Sounds like EB did well under the circumstances and the boys look pretty happy with thier lot.

  2. LOL at your delight about getting paid for your layout šŸ˜‰ It is a nice bonus!

    Sounds like you had a fun Easter. Don’t worry, I am all about the PC madness too when it comes to our egg hunt. I hide all the eggs in pairs, and each egg in the pair has the same coloured wrapper. Thankfully the boys don’t argue about who found the pair first … and having 2 in each spot means they have the same amount at the end, and having the same colour egg in each spot means no arguing about who gets which colour!! The things we do, eh?!

    I’m glad to hear that you are recovering. Slowly but surely is probably a good motto anyway, and while you have the “excuse” (not really, but you know what I mean!) for a nana nap each day, you should definitely rest whenever you can!

  3. Keep taking it easy and don’t rush your recovery šŸ˜‰
    Those pics are great, the boys are full of beans (and chocolate) LOL !

  4. Wow – the EB at Hannah’s house is extra – ultra – super duper bleedin’ organised!!! Crikey!!!

    I think you did very well in your household too … and I’m sure the Mr’s appreciated the high class bunnies as well … lol.

  5. Love the score photo! šŸ™‚
    As for the high class bunnies… gotta train up a child to appreciate the finer things šŸ˜‰

  6. Congratulations on getting your pages published thats just awesome! Glad to hear your operation went well, hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. ohhhhh…I love that layout. It’s so christmassy, but not in an “obvious” way….if that makes sense lol Very cool! Hope you’re feeling better every day that passes, we HAVE to get together soon, I miss ya!

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