Back on board

Albeit a little slow and tender. The surgery went fine… one large stone, a small one and lots of grit to show for it. Excuse me? That was what caused me so much pain?? I’m a wuss, I’m telling you!

In fact, I’m such a wuss, I was kept in hospital for a second night. Just because the post-op pain was a little too much for me to handle on my own at home. Was a good thing I think; I got a much better night’s sleep and felt pretty good Sunday morning. I was home again by Sunday lunch and the Mr’s were giving me a load of well meaning attention. It was hard not to flinch as they would come diving in with hugs intended to make me feel better!! 😆
The job: is on hold. The manager I would have been reporting to decided to hand in her resignation on Wednesday. The firm needs to re-assess how it wants to staff it’s support roles, and that is happening this week. So, who knows how that one will play out. Waiting and seeing.

Being in hospital Saturday morning meant I missed the great first game of the season for both boys. Mr5 LOVED his first run… being in the club’s nursary grade means it is a lot of ball skills and a bit of a game for the kids involved. From the photos Hubby took, there are TONS of kids in this grade. Bodes very well for the club in upcoming years I would have thought. Apparently the biggest difficulty is getting to the club by 8am. Um yeah…..

Mr 7’s team has a group of boys from last year, augmented with new kids. Apparently they are looking very good and they came off with a win on Saturday. No game this weekend because of Easter, but hopefully by the next game, I’ll be ready to cheer them both on.


8 thoughts on “Back on board

  1. Glad to hear surgery went wll and that you are recovering from surgery. Sounds like the last week has been full on for you and the family. Eeeks at the manager handing in her notice. Funny how things works out and who knows how that might benefit you. Take it easy if you can this week.

  2. It’s wonderful to hear that the surgery went well and that you are home again. I hope the job situation sorts itself out in your favour, or else something else comes up. Fingers crossed! Take care of yourself and rest while you have a really good excuse … who knows when you’ll next get the opportunity! 🙂

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