Yet more Crazy Busy

So here are some of the photos I downloaded off the camera – there are still more to be down, but life is …. crazy busy. Still. These things were done a little over 2 weeks ago. And they already feel like ancient history. Crazy busy needs to stop being crazy and learn to live a little slower. Can you all tell crazy busy that? Cos crazy busy isn’t listening to me…..!


Mr then still just 4 on his last day of kindy – taking part in the Happy School Days mat-time with one of the teachers. Here he is telling everyone about the Happy School Days hat he made.


That “modelling” session – yeah, really, America’s Top Model is in the tree!!


The excitement of doing the 3M pool challenges during school swimming…. “it’s a pin-dive, mum!”

So I’ve not been keeping you all up to date as life moves along quite swiftly in this household at the  moment. First, Mr 5 has been at school exactly ONE WEEK when I spot a listing for a part time job. Now, the plan was to go back to work once Mr 5 was at school, but I did sort of assume that it would be several months before that really came about. Something about it taking a long time to find the “right” fit, I’d be lucky to find something quickly, the recession etc etc. So on Monday when I called to find out more about the “perfect” hours job, chatted to the recruitment consultant for a bit, got a wee bit excited and lo and behold – I have an interview on Wednesday. Which I attended and it went well. Very well. Being the recruitment route, I still need to met with the hiring manager but I have been confirmed as one of two solid candidates. So I am waiting for the call about the second interview.

Then today, I got a call on the cell which I assume is the recruitment agent. It’s not – it’s the hospital. There’s been a cancellation and they would like me to come in for my gall-bladder surgery. On Friday! With the pre-assessment to be done this afternoon. Yikes!

Yes indeed. Wait, Wait. Wait. Wait…..for the last six months. Then “Hurry up and get here NOW” seems to be the way things are done in the hospital.

I’m a bit all over the place at the moment in terms of planning because that seems to have gone out the window these last few days! I’m a little nervous about one meaning the other may not be able to happen. To counter the possible outcomes associated with recovery etc, I called the rectruitment agent to let her know that I have a fairly short window this week if the interview is to happen. So yes, it seems the old not raining but pouring in these parts is still very much the way things are around here.

I’ll ask you all to cross your fingers on one hand that I get the interview and it goes well, and then cross the fingers on the other hand that the surgery is short and sweet and without too many hassles.

And on that note, I’m outa here for now. I need to catch my breath!!

PS – Mr 5 is doing very well at school, and both the Mr’s have rugby season kicking off on Saturday. I’m likely to be missing the first games.

PPS: it’s a very special day for scrap-buddy Hannah today…. Happy Birthday!!!


11 thoughts on “Yet more Crazy Busy

  1. Wow Kelly – you weren’t kidding about being busy were you? All the very best for both the interview and the surgery.

  2. Your so right – never rains but it pours – it will all work out in the end though. My sister is off to have her gall bladder removed in April.

  3. Wow! All the best for the interview, Kelly! Hopefully the recruitment agency will be more than understanding about your surgery and everything will work out perfectly! Let us know how it all goes. Thinking of you, I am sure after your op you are going to feel 100% better, so that’s awesome! xx

  4. It’s all falling in to place for you, even if it is a bit jumbled.

    Don’t worry about the op, it’s very straight forward, and recovery is pretty swift, you will be up and about in no time, just no lifting for a few weeks.

    Good luck for Friday, and for the interview as well.

  5. that surgery sounds serious kelly! thanks for the class the other night – it was fun – my first venture into kelson!!! let us know about the job ok???

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