Andrea is cooking something up….

Over at SBO. Apparently that is the place to be on Friday. Can’t wait to find out…. when I hear there is a surprise in the wings, I get all impatient 😆 So all you scrappy girls…. make sure you are in on the buzz and come visit SBO on Friday.

And ummm….yep. Those photos I promised? Still on the camera. Had a friend’s 4oth to have fun with last week. Plus a little something of my own which will have to wait until tomorrow before I share. It’s called real life. And it keeps you away from your blog sometimes. But you know I’ll catch you all up at some point, right?!


4 thoughts on “Andrea is cooking something up….

  1. LOL
    There’s that zooming life again 😛
    I read about the fab 40th that was enjoyed by all, sounds like a lovely time 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly. Thanks so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Life sure does get in the way!! We are having to head to Burwood Hospital in a couple of weeks to try and get a few of my hubbys MANY problems sorted a bit,and I am going to hate being stuck in the hospital rather than in my craft room!! Look forward to seeing your photos.

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