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From the recovery room

So the week that was last week has finished. We managed to cram a LOT into it. I have yet to download some pictures from the camera, so I will do that and do some proper posts with pics in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a few snippits.


Tuesday: The Mr’s and I went to a friends evening photography class where they were meant to be “models” for the portraiture lesson. I’m yet to receive any pics. I suspect because Mr then4 believed he was being funny by not looking at the photographer working with him at any given point in the evening. Mr 7 was posing lots…. A la “America’s Next Top Model”. As he struck each pose and was *fierce* abut being ANTM, I kept asking myseslf “How does he know about ANTM?? He never watches it!!!!!” And then I cringed in embarrassment, but also motherly pride as he really was being quite funky!!

Oh, and I learned that turning your ISO setting up too high is not a great idea. Then I found an online widget thingy that will fix these mistakes and make the yuk-grainy photos half-decent again. Who needs to be a great photographer when you have technology??! πŸ˜†


Thursday AM – Mr 4: Last day of kindy and “Happy School Day” celebrations. I spent theΒ  morning with him at kindy and we had fun just doing stuff that he enjoys. We also made our celebration hat, had pop-corn and fruit party food, and tried to get a decent photo. Yes, we made it just into this year’s kindy photos! The photographer was really patient with Mr4 – he kept trying to hide his eyes and wasn’t terribly interested in the fact Mum wanted one last kindy pic! I’m sensing a theme here……. πŸ˜† Anyway, she thought she got a good one in the end, so I’m happy.


Thursday AM – Mr7: Meanwhile, over at the main city pool, school swimming is winding up with school swimming sports day. Officially it is for Year 4-6 students, but those Year 3’s that can stroke are also asked if they would like to take part. Mr 7 managed to conquer a discomfort with being in the 3 metre section of the pool and is now almost unable to leave that part of the pool. He has also managed to swim the entire 25m length without stopping so when he was asked, he jumped at the chance. Year 3’s swim widths instead of lengths, and he did freestyle, backstroke and something else which I’m not entirely sure of. He finished a very proud 2nd in all the events he swam in. I was so proud to hear this – and so sad I can’t literally be in two places at once for these kinds of things! And because I was with Mr 4 in the morning, I thought it was only fitting that Mr 7 had the Red Plate for dinner.


Thursday evening: Last night for K School Athletics season. Mr still4 had been worried because he was having a few problems with high jump. It had been a bit upsetting for him the last couple of weeks, especially as his neglectful mother had been down at the adjoining ground walking Angus while they were busy and before Dad arrived to save the day. One mum on this night told me off: you really need to be here, he gets so upset!! Actually, I found out from other parents that while he was looking for me, but after they reminded him that I was just over the boundary and that dad was almost there, he was happily rejoining the activities. But that aside, it was a BIG night for the kids doing athletics. Those that had been pretty much every night and were noted as doing their best recieved medals from Miss J, the Principal.


Sunday: Party day. “The” Event in our household this month. It was such a gorgeous day I was very happy we had decided to go ahead with a family BBQ prior to the party. Originally planned for afterwards, we had to either cancel it or move it because Hubby’s band had a rehersal in the late afternoon. One of my SIL’s commented that she was amazed I would even think about having the BBQ prior, but everything was planned and done so you might as well have fun too, right?!




The extra things I did because I got carried away with myself came off and it sure has been a good party.

Needless to say – I was completely knackered afterwards. A couple of yummy, ice-cold beers to relax with, peanut butter sandwiches for dinner and I was in bed early!!


Monday: First Day of School. We did our traditions of the first day photos outside our gate and again outside the school. Mr 5 (as of the 16th) was walked to school by Dad and Big Brother. It was so fun to see the three of them walking up the hill. I drove Hubby’s car up to the school so he could continue on to work afterwards. Mr 5 comes out of that class room beaming at the end of the day. I cannot get over at how well he fits in – as if he has been there for ages already.

I go to the gym to restart my fitness efforts.


Tuesday: Swimming Assessments. I’m throwing this in here because FINALLY Mr7 is allowed to move up to Otters. AND after just one term in Turtles, Mr 5 is doing well enough to go to Octopus. OMG, he is just the biggest learning sponger there is right now!!!!

Also, I spend the morning on the phone and internet arranging life. Me and the Mr’s are off to the big family do in Invercargill for my Nana and Granddad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary in April. Some by plane, some by car but we are going to be there. I’m thrilled! And Mrs F, Julie et al…. I hope I get to meet you lot!!!! Consider this notice!! ROFL.


And that’s been our week. Look for the pictures in the next few days πŸ˜€ So how are YOU all doing??

Oh, and just to finish off, we are heading out right now for a “Rugby Trial”. Yes, indeed, the madness round here continues…….

13 thoughts on “From the recovery room

  1. wowsa… I am exhausted just reading this post!!!! glad b’day, last day, first day and party went well…. time for you to put up your feet now!!!

  2. Now that was busy Kell. Love that Darth Vader came for a visit – the force must have been with you LOL! Did you need the light saber (or light saver’s as the kids at work call them!) for the BBQ then??

  3. I agree you win the award for the busy week, lol. Sounds like you had a fab week with all of those fun things on. Had a giggle at the ANTM poses. See you Friday Mrs Busy Bee.

  4. Wow, what a busy week!!! Well done to your Mr’s … to Mr 5 for turning 5 and settling into school so well, Mr 7 for his swimming prowess (and modelling skills) … and both of them for making such cute little Jedi Knights! Love Darth Vader, too! You’re such a cool mum, making those costumes and hosting such a great party πŸ˜‰

  5. Holy heck in a handbasket, I’m exhausted just reading what you’ve been up to!
    And you’re still going out for more, with rugby…!
    I’m going for a lie down, your life is too exciting for me lol πŸ˜›

  6. I’m surprised that you could even remember what you did from one day to the next … the word ‘busy’ doesn’t even come close!!!!

    You can slow down a little now … okay ???

    and … I’m on notice … look forward to it …

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