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And in amongst the insanity

There is a little normal life continuing in our household as I tick off items on the To-Do lists heading towards “The Party”. For instance, Janine hosted a small crafty get together for a few of us over the weekend. So nice to actually scrap something. Not that I’m going to show you guys right now, because I kind of like it a lot, and I’m thinking when I’ve done the journalling, I might even have a go at submitting it somewhere. Possibly.

But some cards I’ve done last week, I will show you. Because my camera battery was finally charged and I took some photos! Firstly, I’m very pleased with this very pretty card I made specifically for our neice K over in the US. She’s been feeling more than a bit poorly after being hit with a cold and various compounding infections. We hope she’s feeling better very soon. Actually, I’m only going to pop the sneak-peek here….


And then I made a card for Keryn’s latest colour challenge. Actually, she made it really easy for me to do. Having meant to take part in her challenges for a few weeks now, she got exasperated with me and handed me the cardstock scraps when we got together on Friday night. One way to make sure I do something right, huh??! LOL Considering I was putting this together in 10 minutes before I left Vicky’s house as I felt it was getting late, I’m quite pleased with how this came out. The colour challenge was Close to Cocoa, Sage Shadow and Barely Banana with a neutral.


While I was downloading these photos off my camera, I also realised I never even mentioned something I did way back at the beginning of February. So I’ll quickly share with you now.

Feb 3 was my Dad’s 60th. My brother suggested I fly down and surprise him and we’s all go out to dinner together. It worked really well – he had no idea. My sister had arranged to just come out and meet up with him, so when he saw me, the surprise was evident. In fact his first words were when he saw me was “Bloody hell! If I knew you were coming, I’d have cleaned up a bit!”. Sis was a bit miffed at that! πŸ˜†

He had taken the day off work at the behest of Little Bro and was just pottering around his place. While he was off getting a shower and a change, Sis and I mooched around his place. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it since he’d done quite a bit of work on it. And while I laughingly call him the newest “Trailer Trash” I’m actually very impressed with how homely he is making his pad.


He’s added on a full lounge and ensuite bathroom as well as that verandah. Plus he has cobbled the side drive and has a workshop and vegie patch out the back. Not too shabby!! Although my sis might have something to say about being caught in the photo πŸ˜‰

And a little later on that day, we wound up at the West Coast bar and cafe for dinner. It was the biggest, juiciest steak I’ve had in a very long time.


And hte cake featuring stuff that Dad is:


And then having gotten over the party fun and goings on, mid February saw Hubby and I get some quality time by leaving the boys at a neighbours for the afternoon, and what turned out to be longer part of the evening than anticipated. We took the bus ride over to Martinborough, and the return journey was late departing as we seemed to have the most concientious driver in the fleet who wanted to ensue no concert goer was left behind. but apart from that little glitch, we had a fabulous time. Where? Here:


That’s Opshop up on stage and along with Anika Moa and Dave Dobbyn provided just the best summer concert in a very long time.Β  We saw them at Alana Estate in Martinborough, the day was nothing short of perfect, the food on offer was divine and yeah, we had a great time. If you haven’t already been and they are coming to your neck of the woods soon – go!


10 thoughts on “And in amongst the insanity

  1. What a nice surprise, flying down country to surprise your Dad. Sounds like you had a great time catching up with family.
    I’m sooo jealous that you got tickets to the Winery Tour! I really wanted to go to it up here (Matakana) but it sold out fast. I love Dave Dobbyn. And Opshop. And Anika Moa. LOL πŸ˜€

  2. i can say I have seen those goodies close up and they were beautiful. I wondered how the concert went but I forgot to ask (naughty me). Hows the sewing going? That steak place sounded good and how neat you could surprise your dad.

  3. What a neat suprise for your Dad, not suprised your sister was a little miffed with his comment LOL! Concert sounds like a blast – great to be able to get away child free for a day.

  4. It’s funny how even though we catch up regularly your blog still plays an important part in keeping us up to date with what’s going on in your world… maybe it’s a picture thing.

    How’s that sewing going?

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