Growing up speedy

This little dude:


is growing up way too fast. He is my baby, Mr4. He had his first school visit this morning. I was sort of hoping that I needed to stay, that he needed me to be there, maybe for a quick hug or something. I think the fact I said I was staying for a little bit was all that was needed. He was greeted by his friends that had already started school and it seems they were pleased to see him.

I stayed for the roll call, and then the explanation of what activity they were to work on in the morning. The new entrant class then went to the big mat with the rest of the block where the other teacher filled in some more details. Mr 4 didn’t even check to see where I was. He just got on with listening and doing what he needed to do. The second teacher was surprised to see him putting his hand up to answer questions, and I was thrilled that he was giving the correct answers. Like he’s been there for months. Like this was nothing new.

My baby is growing up.

Two hours later when I came to collect him, he was telling me how cool school is. “How many more visits to I get mum?”, “I can’t wait til I stay the whole day”


In other news….. the rain is coming down absolutely vertical. Not a breath of wind to move it one way or the other. And it’s constant. Constantly heavy. While I love listenign to the sound of it coming down, I need to see how a couple of spots are dealing with it. Yes, we have the fun of leaks in certain weather. I’m not sure if constant and vertical is the “certain” weather, but I’d rather not chance it… it’s in my scrap storage place!!!! 😯

And, I’ve got photos to share from a couple of weeks ago when I was in Christchurch for a flying visit thanks to Dad’s 60th. Yeah, really, I’m becoming a bad blogger!! 😆 Stay tuned 🙂


9 thoughts on “Growing up speedy

  1. Awww, so cute. Way to go little guy. They grow up so fast huh? Hope you have lots of fun stuff to do with all that spare time looming up.

    Yeah, what’s with the weather? Did I miss Summer?

  2. It sure is bittersweet, watching them grow up. It’s awesome that he enjoyed his school visit so much, sounds like he is more than ready! When does he start?

    The rain is a bit depressing, but we need it. We’re on tank water and all the hot, dry weather it needed filling up. 🙂

  3. Jeepers he is growing up way too fast – thought he had ages to go until school. Sounds like he has made a great first impression on them as well. LOL

  4. Oh what a cutie – it must be so hard to send them to school. I can’t even imagine, since I don’t have kids of my own. Yikes. But it is great to hear that he is taking to it like a fish to water! And sorry I am late to wish you a happy anniversary! But it still counts because I hope you have a wonderful year!

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