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Normal service will resume shortly.

Well, having given you a small insight into how our January disappeared before our very eyes, it seems February is set to join it just as quickly.

I’ve been meaning to get on to post almost every day – but something or other always manages to avert me from my mission. So, this really is just a very quick post to let you all know “Do Not Adjust Your Set….”

Two things that were on my must do list for today have been taken care of. We had a slow puncture – actually, must have had it for a while if the truth be told. But when it gets to having to reinflate the tyre almost daily, you really begin to feel it probably needs looking into. So I did. There was a nail stuck in it. Thank goodness for Tony’s Tyres and their free puncture repair service. Yeah, that doesn’t sound much like an ad does it now? Anyway, saved me having to change a flat tyre and funnily enough, the car drives a bit better now too. šŸ˜³

Plus, I took Angus with me and while they were fixing the tyre, I took him for a walk. Two birds with one stone. It was quite interesting because I realised that living in a hillside burb, he doesn’t see cars as much as I assume so. Being a little unsure of this new environment is good. He got a little too comfortable round home last week and decided on the one day he was home alone that it was a good thing to dig, and pull, and pretty much destroy the irrigation system. Yeah….muttley is lucky to still be amongst the living. I was a clever girl though and DIY’ed the repairs. And if he so much as looks at the garden again, he’s going to hear about it……..

I’ve not been too scrappy lately – but I have been working on various wee projects. Waiting for that mojo to come back. My first layout for the year is almost done – I started it on Friday night and almost got it finished. So you know that the procrastination queen will take, ohhhhhhhh, at least a week to finalise it. Sheeesh, I’m bad!! šŸ˜†

So yes, I’m still around. I’m probably reading all your goings on – and not commenting much. Because I’m really bad like that šŸ™‚

I’ve also been dumbfounded in the last few days watching the news about the fires in Australia. It’s just so devastating and heart-wrenching.

And so, because I can’t bear to watch anymore news right now, here is something a little uplifting for you. Enjoy.



7 thoughts on “Normal service will resume shortly.

  1. I hear you on time flying.glad I wasn’t the only person not blogging or reading them lol.Gosh you are pretty clever fixing the irrigation system, had to giggle at what Angus got up too. See you on Thursday.

  2. Oh, those wildfires are so heart-breaking. All the lives and the nature being destroyed. It’s just terrible. All my Australian friends are in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve actually seen this video once before but I’m glad to see it here again. It is such a wonderful video. It needs to get around. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it here.

  3. Just watched that video clip … it made me smile. :o) I’m thinking the motivation of owning a dog would be great for my walking … how clever of you to fit the walk in around getting the tire fixed. Yay for your first layout of the year … I’m looking forward to a few more scrapping hours now that Jess is at school.

  4. Oh dear Angus!! Does he have a Kong toy Kell? These are great as a boredom buster…don’t know if it’ll stop him going after the garden but it might delay it LOL!

  5. Sounds like Angus needed the naughty corner! But good on you for DIY’ing the repear job, GO YOU! Hopefully he won’t try that one again šŸ˜‰

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