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Come on in February!

Because you all know January has gone by just far, far too quickly!!

We came back from camp and had just 2 weeks to go before the year started back at kindy for Mr 4 and today was the first day back for Mr 7. He is in year 3 this year, and is very pleased with his new teacher. He is now an “M-blocker” which forms part of the S-syndicate….which denotes being in the senior school. However, the truth is that a bunch of year 3’s are in M-Block and the rest are in R-block and it is probably more to do wtih the squeeze from both new entrants/Year 1 at one end and Year 6 at the other. No room for big heads in this household! 😀

So, I can’t remember what I last shared and seeing as January has been a truly busy month, and you all know I know how to chat on here. I’m going to try and let the pictures do most of the talking. Here goes:

Right, I think I got the gallery working OK (although you may have to click on each thumbnail to get a better look), so if you look left to right, here’s the run down.

  1. The camp kitty made friends with us – or at least our tent in the last couple of days we were in Napier. He slept two nights in the hidey holes under our fly, and hung around at the last breakfast. He got really brave when he decided to keep hubby company on the seats!
  2. Walking along the path during the Poet’s Park walk – part of the Kev the Wandering Kiwi series of walks. Mr 4 and friend P on the stopbank.
  3. We found blackberries growing – and most of us picked at least a few. Shame the thorns get in the way!!
  4. Drink stop! Mr 4 working out the best way to drink from the fountain.
  5. Look who we discovered lurking in Barton’s Bush!
  6. Awwwww! These two are great mates.
  7. Climbing a very cool tree on the way back to the car park
  8. Mr 7 and his friend were also on the walk – but usually so far ahead this is the only photo I got. He’s gorged himself on the blackberries – and enjoyed every single one.
  9. My attempt at the perfect cupcakes for a stampin up demo I hosted. I think I got pretty close – but you know, gotta keep trying! 😆
  10. Printed out wallet sized photos and made some little books for Mr 4 and P to remember their adventure.
  11. Mr 4 has returned to Kindy as of last week so Mr 7 and I headed to the bead shop to get a little one on one time. He loves making his own necklaces and would not be told that the new one was very similar to his previous one. Just a few differences and he was a happy chappy. We also spotted the style for next time 😉  (oh, and of course, I made one too!)
  12. Walk Number 2 – into Belmont Regional park this time. A more strenuous walk, lots of hills and narrow paths. It was the first time Mr 7 and I had been into this park, and we’ll be going back again. We were taken on the Oakleigh St loop to Korokoro Dam. We all enjoyed it – and Angus did too. Great walk!
  13. The dam – we got up and personal to it, Angus had a wee paddle and it was very worthwhile.
  14. The weekend just gone was a hot one. When the BIL suggested hanging out at the river in Kaitoke Regional Park, we said YES! So Mr 4 helped build up the dam by throwing some more rocks onto it;
  15. Mr 7 swam;
  16. Uncle R showed the boys how to jump off the big rock into the big hole;
  17. and Mr 7 tried out his diving skills.

In amongst all that, the local craft group held it’s first night of the year and was pretty successful with Donna and I demonstrating working with serviettes, dog training has restarted, swimming is about to restart this week, I’m off to Christchurch for a surprise overnight trip for Dad’s 60th, and…..

Gee whizz, February isn’t looking any slower than the last month!! 😆


12 thoughts on “Come on in February!

  1. Great pics, Kelly! Those cupcakes look pretty great to me, LOL 🙂
    Glad that your Mr’s had good first days back at Kindy & school. Ethan doesn’t start until Wednesday but he is hanging out for it and can’t wait!

  2. Well … those look like pretty perfect cupcakes to me! Did they help the Stampin’ Up sales? What recipe did you use? Love the look of that swimming hole … must make a trip out to Kaitoke in the near future. Sounds like Feb might be busy for you … hope you can still squeeze in a coffee with friends sometime soon.

  3. Love the photos. Ummm didn’t know Kiwi’s grew that big, you fellas must have bigggggg huhu grubs down there!! Yumm on the blackberries – nothing quite like picking them and eating them in one go.

  4. Aw, the camp kitty is so cute! And oh my goodness – wild blackberries! Yummy, healthy goodness! My mouth is watering! 🙂 I’m happy it looks like you had such a lovely time!

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