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CHA goodness

Gosh, it seems to come around quickly. Yep it’s CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) time again in the US. We scrapbookers get hit twice a year with all the fantastic goodness that papers, tools and embelishments our eyes can take.

Last night when I was looking for a specific few papers to launch myself into a project I’ve been meaning to get done for some time, I actually thought, “You know, Kelly, you really need to use some of this paper before buying anymore”. It seems a strange thing to have so much great stuff to choose from and still be tempted by the new stuff.

So I am going to resist. At least for a while. I know me….. there will be something I simply have to have right now. This is one thing:


For a start, those buckets are just adorable…. then there is the goodies held inside. Um, yeah, I’ll be first in line at the local for these ones. But what I’m loving more, wait – MOST, is the concept of “open product”.

Getting exactly what you want. No packaging. Man, this is good stuff. Not just in terms of scrapping, but merchandising fullstop. It’s a particular bug-bear of mine that soooo much product comes in far too much packaging. This is something I would like to see more of in general shopping.

But you know I’m just loving the product too, right??!

Oh, and they also have a wee giveaway going, so make sure you do take a peek.

That’s all from me today – I need to download some pics from our cool bushwalk for tomorrow.

See you!


4 thoughts on “CHA goodness

  1. Ooooooooooooh, yes! Excessive packaging is a pet loathe of mine, too, and that looks like a damn good answer to it.
    Now, if only we can convince supermarkets to do the same…lol.
    Looking forward to seeing your bushwalk pics 😉

  2. Oh I agree – less is more when it comes to packaging… in fact if the packaging could be used in some way, it does make me feel better. For eg, Q & Co’s little brad holder things are being re-used by me for other brads too.

  3. Im so glad the packaging is something companies are starting to care about! All the CHA previews are mouthwatering arent they?
    Cool signature – did you do it?

  4. cool will have a look at this when I have a chance….
    love that they are getting on board with this issue as I HATE all the packaging too

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