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Foray into the digi side of life

I had some time this afternoon to play around. The Mr’s were playing at the neighbours and that is a wonderful time to do something for me.

Now, I’ve had PSE6 for a wee while now – at least a year. And it has been bugging the bejeebers out of me. I’m not a computer dummy at all – for the most part, I’m able to work out what I’m meant to be doing for myself. Occasionally, i can’t see the steps in between and need to ask for help.

But PSE?

I felt like I’d met my match. Dummy territory for sure.

2Peas currently have a free course with video tutorials on how to use PSE. Yippeee! methinks and I head on over there. And wouldn’t you know it, it really is simple to get started!! I knew all I needed was someone to show me the ropes and if you are like me at all, you’ll find these tutorials a breeze to understand.

So I got to playing:


Details: DigiRosa’s Christmas Freebie from Eidou

Hey, speaking of creativity…..anyone doing the Project 365? I don’t get what the hoo-haa has been all about {there weren’t enough kits to meet demand} but poor Becky Higgins seems to have copped the worst of it. Sure does seem to be more than a little harsh and nasty. Still, I’ve seen around the traps that the kiwi ingenuity is right up there. Considering it was going to cost us mega-bucks in postage ($140-200!!!!) I doubt there would have been many Kiwi uptakes of the kit anyway. I know I got stung dreadfully with postage when I pre-ordered the school kits last year. Mandy is the girl that seems to be right on the ball – head her way if you were tempted to take part but didn’t know what to use without the kit.

Plus, she has actually begun the task, and has great examples. I’m not sure if I want to commit to the project myself, but I’ve been taking a photo a day anyway. You know: just in case 😉

……………………and no, I’m not going to make a habit of multi posts in one day….  😉


9 thoughts on “Foray into the digi side of life

  1. Thanks for that Kell, I’m off to visit Twopeas ‘cos I’ve had PSE 3 – yep that’s how long I’ve had it for…and have no idea how to use it, can’t get if figured no matter how often I play…just get frustrated! Lets hope my PC plays nicely and I can watch the vid’s easily. Hope Angus had lots of fun on his holiday!

  2. Kelly I am going to try 12 of 12 – taking 12 shots on the 12th of each month and scrapping them – well that was the plan. Todays the 12th and I have taken 6 shots – 5 with the settings all up the whop on the camera! I might have to do it again tomorrow and see what happens. Or I might persevere and see what I can resurrect from it all 🙂
    The whole 365 concept just seems too hard!

  3. once again nice layout… thanks for the shout out on the 365… feeling the pressure on my shoulders now…. better keep up to date then!!!
    have fun playing with Pse

  4. LOL Kelly, I so hear you on the PSE – you open up the programme and its like what the??? Well done on your very 1st digital layout :o) I bet you just loved playing. Ive downloaded the 30 day freebie version of PSE6 to play with becuase my PSE2 was lacking a few of the cool functions, and the 2Peas tutorials are very common sense aren’t they.
    I’m doing the 365 days – I have a separate page for the photos and when I get the page dividers I will blog how I’m doing that. With kids I have no shortage of photo subjects lol
    well done again on your 1st venture into digital – now you can go hybrid – thats what I do :o)

  5. I know nothing of photoshop so I’m assuming that is what PSE is? I love your scrap here though. It’s simple and elegant and the background goes so well with the photo. Very festive! 🙂

  6. Nice layout Kell. Hey your camping trip sounded like fun. Ugh at the heat though. You did well weather wise though. Sounds like a fun time was had by all regardless of the hic cups that you encountered.

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