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Back from Napier

It’s always nice, isn’t it, to return to your own bed after being away for a while?

Our trip to Napier was by and large a good one. It was seriously hot – as I may have alluded to at least once in the previous post 😉 We learnt a lot of things about camping on this trip – it being the first one with our new tent. Things like, making sure you pitch on the right side of the site. We opted to be on the other side of the neighbours as they were right up on the boundary with ours. It meant we copped the full on afternoon sun and didn’t have any real shade for at least 3  hours each day. We fixed this by making sure we weren’t around the tent at that time of day – generally we used this time to explore a little bit.

Other pesky bits were related to a particular Mr’s behaviour. I really gets me down sometimes that he doesn’t seem to get that the world doesn’t actually revolve around him and his wants at any particular moment.  We had to deal with this time and time and time and time again on the trip. The first morning started pretty badly as he refused to eat breakfast and spent the next 45 minutes at least screaming blue blimmin murder and crying at full volume. At 6.30am. And fabric between neighbours is not a good sound dampening device. It cut me to the quick to overhear another mother telling her child that it was annoying to be woken by someone that clearly wasn’t a baby.

Still, we moved on and dealt with each instance as we needed to. It was more than tiresome – but we did manage to have a lot of fun as well.


Time at Splash Planet: “No, driving the Jungle Jeeps does not qualify as sitting your driver’s licence, Mr 7!”, Bumper boats; enjoying real fruit icecream at the Strawberry patch (unfortunately no PYO on the day we turned up – but that ice cream was so very good!); the beach at Waimarama (what a fantastic beach!!); and making friends with the camp kitty. Camp kitty seemed to take a liking to our tent: we found him regularly waking up with us after spending the night under our fly.

The camp offered kid’s activities twice a day for a couple of hours each time. The Mr’s would do the morning sessions and that gave Hubby and I the chance to check out the local cafe scene for a decent coffee – as well as work out solutions to bedding arrangements as one of our airbeds failed. The pool and the playground at the camp were also fantastic ways to occupy the Mr’s. As were the bikes we hauled up with us. Mine even got a work out one day when I used to get to the minimart up the road!

We left the camp a day earlier than planned because we realised that it was going to take a while to actually put down the tent and repack the car, then drive back home and unpack. Hubby returned to work this morning and we both thought it a better idea to have a day off in between to just slob around the house. And it turned out to be an even better decision than we realised: it rained on the Saturday night and Sunday.  I know Beverley is now up that way, so I hope the rain has passed and she and the family get to enjoy some of the lovely weather we did.

So  now we are back and the usual holiday routine begins. Hubby is back at work, the Mr’s and I are yet to change out of our PJs…. but that should really get sorted, as we need to collect Angus from his holiday home this morning. Wonder what adventures he’s had this past week……?


10 thoughts on “Back from Napier

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Kelly. We were there between
    Boxing Day and New Years, and enjoyed ourselves. I could live there actually, the only thing I wouldn’t like is how far away it is, I mean, it’s not that far, but it’s not a half hour drive to visit family.

    Bummer about “Mr everything revolves around me”, we have one of those too!

  2. Sounds like you had a really great holiday, Kelly! The camp sounds fantastic, with a pool and kids’ activities giving you some couple time 🙂
    Great idea to pack up early, thereby avoiding the rain (nothing worse than packing up a WET tent). And I agree, it is always good to have one of those “blobby” days at home after a holiday and before heading back to work and the normal daily routine.

  3. Whaddya mean … doesn’t it revolve around me … couldn’t resist – sorry!!!

    It’s not nice dealing with that really … feel for you … also feel for the 6.30 am start too … ouch!!!!!

    And I’m thinking I wouldn’t have wanted to be within earshot either, just quietly!!!!

  4. We’re home now too … only had one wet day but not terribly wet and we only stayed three nights. Canvas walls aren’t too good for noise control are they! We loved splash planet … heaps of fun.

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