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Checking in…..

Ok, so I just lost my entire post I just wrote…. it’s what happens when you only have a limited amount of time!

We arrived on Sunday. We got the tent up – for the first time ever…. It only took a couple of hours to work it all out……!

We’re baking. It’s hot. Really, really hot. I need an ice-maker. I’m not moaning. It’s just hot. So hot I went and purchased an expensive top to keep cool – because all the cheap dundresses just looked butt-ugly on my bumps and lumps. The top looks good. And it is cooler than anything I brought with me. that’s all good.

We’ve visited splash planet, an ice-cream cafe and a honey display. Notice the links with cool wishfulness there??

That was the gist of my earlier, witty, well-written post. Thanks to the time limit, you’ll just have to make so with this little episode. And the speeling mistakes. Hey, did you pick up how HOT it is here???

Off to the pool with me. In a seriously hideous pink rash top. That was another we anecdote that got lost. Just as well!! 😆


14 thoughts on “Checking in…..

  1. sounds like your having a hot time in the Hawkes Bay. Hey maybe an ice block will suffice to help cool you down lol. Enjoy the rest of your camping trip. I saw Beverley the other day and I think they are heading up you way come Friday……..As you mentioned the hot theme I wanna sing “hot in the city tonight” just for you.

  2. enjoy it…. we are hot here today too… then turning cold tomorrow… love the bay…. have a blast

  3. Sounds like the weather is behaving for you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. And why are you blogging when you’re on holiday, anyway?! LOL 🙂

  4. So it’s a little warm by the sound of it … in your neck of the woods … enjoy it and make the most of it … just remember to do the slip, slop and slap thing.

  5. By all accounts, it’s warm all over NZ. However, here in Wellington the wind is blowing making it hard to keep windows and doors open. Have fun

  6. I’m over 40deg!!! LOL. Would be hot in a tent too and Splash Palace sounds just the right place to be. Have a great time.

  7. Ahhh, now I know where all our Summer heat has gone this year 😛
    You can have it every year, it’s been lovely and mild here in Melbourne 😉

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