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…and that’s a wrap for 2008

So hard to believe that we are at the very end of another year. I was thinking this morning how this time of year is always spent reflecting. Lists come up for everything – what was good, bad, ugly, hot, not, coming up, going down, Top 10 of this, that and the other. I haven’t even glanced at the TV listings, but I’m sure there will be the usual retrospectives on too, leading into the countdown.

Funny too, how ringing in the New Year with a party, drinks and lots of singing seems to hearald in the NEW. A new beginning for most everything. The new year brings in the chance to draw a line under whatever else has just happened, turn a new page, start with a clean slate.

And while I am unlikely to actually be anywhere but the land of nod come the magic hour, I’m still drawn to reflect upon the year me and mine have had. And this year, I feel it’s been by and large a good one. Lots of room for improvement, yes certainly (….those decluttering plans are yet to be effected for one!), but lots of things that we’ve been able to celebrate at the time, and again upon reflection.

This afternoon, while I was mucking around in my photo albums on the computer, I was trying to identify the few photos I want to print for the December page I’ve got ready thanks to the SBO comp. These photos really need to be the essence to just capture what our December was like this year, because they will all be about 1″ square. And as I was going through them, I was having a hard time trying to figure out each picture to represent the day I’m filling in on the layout.

I’ve selected the ones I’ll use on the page, but I also pulled a little something together as I was playing around in Picassa.

This one doesn’t feature other faces as I haven’t permission to pop them here, but it gives you the flavour of our December I think.


It covers days 1-25 in our month, and features:

  • our advent calendar
  • decorating the tree
  • waiting in the forever queue to see Santa at Kirkaldies
  • a christmas recital
  • getting the real feel of christmas at the Eastborne Community carols night
  • one of the “Fiiiiiiiiive Golden Cats” from the end of school assembly
  • lillies, kind of like the Christmas lillies my mum used to always have in the house at this time of year
  • decorating gingerbread men on christmas eve with friends here
  • and Christmas Day itself.

I love how Picassa collages let you do stuff like this. And I’m going to print a very similar one for another December page. Maybe that’s how I’m spending my New Year’s Eve: scrapbooking!! 😆

And that really brings my blog to a close for 2008. I wish a very Happy New Year to you all, hoping 2009 brings you lots of goodness and happiness.

See you round the place on the same bat-channel in 2009 😆


12 thoughts on “…and that’s a wrap for 2008

  1. Happy New Year Kelly! I’m sure seeing in the New Year by scrapping the night away is perfectly acceptable … that’s what I’d be doing if I wasn’t going to a Church party thing! And I have the cupcake charm … it came with the bracelet … yay! Have a fantastic 2009.

  2. A very happy New Year to you and your family, Kelly! Scrapbooking sounds like a nice way to spend the evening. I think Rob & I will just be watching a DVD and playing Monopoly … how dull! Like you, I will NOT be staying up until midnight! 😉
    I like the collage showcasing your December. Looking forward to seeing your finished layout.

  3. I love using Picassa to print out collages, they look so cool! Kelly whatever you choose to do tonight may it be a good one, followed by a year of greatness! Happy New Year buddy.

  4. well HELLO 2009….. not sure what you did last night (in the end) but mine was a late…. or actually and early in the morning finishing one… but I am paying for it now so what comes around….!!!!

    love that picassa and their collages…… mmmm especially those cookies… mmmmm

  5. Happy New Year Kelly. You had a great 2008, you completed and passed your course, how cool was that. You did some neat things and look at the fun family time you add. Then the addition with Angus to your family. I wonder what 2009 will bring. Sounds like you had a wonderful christmas too. Looking forward to catching up later this month. BTW have fun camping.

  6. Aw, I love that collage – what a wonderful way to remember each month – I may have to start doing that. At least with Picasa I can make it look good because I’m not a scrapbooker like you. Anyway, thanks for your kindness and friendship in 2008. I hope the that 2009 brings you and your family lots of love, laughter, good health and good fortune! 🙂

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