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SBO’s very sweet christmas competition

I just have to say how much I enjoyed taking part in this competition. Up for grabs was the MM Slice – and the winner was chosen via a “raffle ticket” system which meant that if you participated, you had as good a chance as the next person. Sweet! {nope, it wasn’t my number that got pulled out}

What I really loved about this was that the item to be created each week was something that was useful, or part of the season’s buildup. Meaning it didn’t seem to take any extra time at this busy time of year to complete.

Now, I was going to get all clever and put all the creations together in one little mosaic, but for some reason, the Mosaic Maker over at Big Labs is not playing nicely and all I’m getting is one blank square. Not so interesting I feel. I’ve already share some of the projects so I’m not going to repeat myself with the individual pics now, but I will share the final project with you.

In order to take part in this challenge in Week 7, we needed to have completed four out of the first five week’s. I missed the christmas card gift set challenge, but managed to get the other four done. So I was thrilled to receive the Week 7 mystery item…..

It’s a chipboard house by Doodlebug. Getting it decorated seem to take no time at all. Well, to begin with:


Hmmmm…. yeah. Boring. So, now the bare bones are done, time for a little fun I think! I decided to go with a summer Christmas look – even though the traditional snowy scenes look great. But here in NZ, christmas is all about the summer.


{Oh please! Blurry photos are SO the next scrapbooking trend!! LOL}

The Mr’s enjoyed the final result as much as I did. It seems the house is just right for Lego figures. I feel I might be in need of a “No Trespassing!” sign 😆

And now Andrea and the design team at SBO have ALL the houses done in the village. Go take a look here – spectacular is an understatement!!


10 thoughts on “SBO’s very sweet christmas competition

  1. LOL on the next trend Kelly! Looks like you had a lot of fun with the house, and reading your last post as well, sounds like Christmas day was a winner. How is Angus after the avacado?

  2. Lol at the blurry photo trend … I’m glad I got to see it in real life … cause it’s gorgeous! I just went and looked at the other ones … some amazing ideas there, looks like it was a fun competition.

  3. Such a beautiful house, Kelly! Yes, I’m with you, surely blurry photos is going to be the new trend 😉 Can’t wait to see the calendar finished 😉 Oh and the farting noises, my god, my youngest always talks about farts, poos, bums and underwear lol and she’s a girl lol. DH gets soooooooooo fed up lol.

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