Very Merry Christmas wishes to you all

Well, I’m writing this on Boxing day, where we are currently at home after spending a very good and relaxing day at the BIL and SIL’s house in Silverstream. Even Angus came along for the day. And was very well behaved right up until the end, when he decided to just eat his way to through the rope and help himself to a jar of guacamole. Ummmm… yeah. Not sure of the effects of that yet. πŸ˜†

The morning started reasonably timed 6.45am. Santa was good and kind to the Mr’s, bringing them by and large at least a couple of items from their wish lists. He also left a note for Mr 7 which contained handwriting that he didn’t recognise. It is safe to say that 2008 contained all the mystery that christmas should have πŸ˜‰

We then proceeded to eat and drink as you do on the day. A bit of a walk to take the MIL back to the resthome, plus stretch boy, girl and dog legs. And then back again to attempt to finish some of the food by way of a picked over dinner and dessert.

My Kerst Krans (the recipe this year was an untried one sourced from the net…) went down well, as did the pavlova.

Lego creations are being completed this morning. I am the self-proclaimed Lego-master-builder in this household!

And I am being called down to tie up water bombs, so I’m thinking that is my PC time over for the day πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Very Merry Christmas wishes to you all

  1. A nice day then … Santa was only good enough to sign his name at our house … a whole letter may have given too many points of recognition! So did the guacamole have any lasting effects?

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