Officially, we’re on holidays

Kindy finished today at 12.30. Mr 7 and I went to the mall just prior in order for him to choose a gift from himself to Mr4, plus a few other little errands in order to get a step or two away from being “done”. We had a lovely morning tea at Butler’s – yes, the place that gives you a little handmade chocolate with your drink (mmmmmm….).

Earlier in the day, I was congratulating myself on being so close to being *all done*. And then I went and checked e-mails and blogs.

Make that attempted to.

Hmmmmm…… computer is whirring away as it should, modem lights are all on as they should be. What is going on?? The monitor is refusing to come on – or off. Just in Stand-by. A quick call to my friend’s hubby B and he more or less confirms what I’m suspecting: the monitor has given up the ghost. He suggests I check the warrenty because it could still be covered.

Plugging in another monitor that is from our ancient PC, I squint my way around the internet (the screen is *only* 15″ LOL), find Dell and plug in the necessary details. It looks like I’m only days out of warrenty…. cool… I’ll give it a go and plead the small time period and see how my luck goes.

“Ummmm…. what do you mean only days out of warrenty ma’am? (translation: what kind of crack have you been smoking you idiot??!) The warrenty expired in March!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. the date was in american format!!! 😆

So. No free replacement then. Hmmmmmm. Can I live without my daily connection to blogs and emails and forums and friends?! Well, no. Think, think, think. Can we put up with the little old monitor being sat beside us in a clearly temporary position on the deck….well…………….. possibly. But it’s like to cause permanent eye issues (health and safety first, people!)

Can I persuade hubby we really should get a new monitor. Like now. Apparently I can!! Wooohooo!!! Done and ordered. Delivery on Monday.

Now, I can sit back and wrap the gifts with the Mr’s; bake some gingerbread men and possibly even get those out of town items into the post tomorrow.

Because now, the Mr’s are at home from school and kindy. And I remain connected to cyberland, with squinting only an issue for days and not weeks; we are now officially on holidays.


PS: do you need gift tags still? Cathy Zielske has given “us” a template for some lovely, simple tags right here. Just print, and trim.


9 thoughts on “Officially, we’re on holidays

  1. Gosh that was close then…. we might have actually had to talk to each other!!!! like in the olden days!!! glad you are on holidays too….. well kinda!!! see you on sunday!!

  2. that was a close call then Kell….phew at hubby being easily convinced. Enjoy the last few days of squintdom then.

  3. Yeah holidays! Yay new monitors … lucky hubby was obliging. How nice having morning tea at Butlers with Mr 7 … my kids still had school this morning. Speaking of holidays … send me the details of your camping trip … I think I’ve almost convinced dh to start planning his time off.

  4. Yay for getting a new monitor! But I must say, you’re lucky you had a spare one, if mine gave up the ghost I would be up the creek without a paddle!!

    Merry Christmas to you & your lovely family 🙂

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