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Red Plate night tonight

We have one of those big red plates that you could buy from the Warehouse a few years ago. It’s got something like “you’re Outstandamazing!” on it and we use it when someone has done something that should be recognised. It could really do some more outings for smaller achievements, but often I forget to use it.

But tonight there are two worthwhile recipients for it. And just one plate.

Mr 7 brought home his first written report. In our school, Years 0 and 1 have Parent-Teacher interviews twice in the year, Year 2 and up get a midyear interview and a written report.

He got a good one. Oh, it makes mention of the listening thing in passing, but it is a very positive one and shows he’s doing well enough. Made me very proud to glance through it (I have to read it properly later tonight).

And the second recipient?

It’s me!! The exam results came through this morning and I passed both papers (an A+ and a B+…. and I’m only revealing the grades because I have NEVER had a final A+ result in my life before……chuffed???……. oh yeah!!!).ย  I’m feeling very chuffed with myself and the effort I pulled out toward the end. And I’m laughing too, because it does nothing to dispel the whole “you should NOT cram at the last minute” kind of routine. ๐Ÿ˜† So my hard cramming for the last 3 months has paid off. Yipppppeeeeee. That’s it: no more study; I get to graduate and can call myself a qualified Legal Executive from here on in.

How to divide the red plate between 2 of us?

Easy….. we’re eating fish and chips on the run tonight because we have final school assembly at 6pm and a hubby to collect from the train station just prior.

Well, at least me and Mr 7 know our efforts are worth the Red Plate! ๐Ÿ˜†


15 thoughts on “Red Plate night tonight

  1. Congrats Kelly I knew you could do it. You shout your marks from the rooftops. Am smiling heaps for you. Well done to Mr 7 as well.

  2. Yay for you Kelly, well done, and your little one too. We have one of those plates, and I always forget it……. must make an effort to use it.

  3. love those red plates… a good idea… as for you results and marks WAHOO.. well done…. worth all the effort- I say SO!!!

  4. WTG both of you. Maybe you could buy some ice blocks for pudding and lay them out on the red plate – then you both could share LOL!

  5. Go you … awesome results!!! Very impressive … I think you can dine on that red plate for the rest of the week … tell the kids and DH … we said!!!

  6. Yahoooo!!! Yay for you and for Mr 7!
    I remember when I got my first A+, it was a similar situation, I hadn’t worked as hard at that paper as I had at some other ones! And I did VERY last minute cramming. So who knows, perhaps that really IS the way to go?
    Regardless, you have some stellar results there and should be very proud of yourself. What a great Christmas pressie!

  7. Thats awesome Kelly – so pleased for you. Great for Mr 7 too. Don’t know what you are going to do about the plate though! LOL

  8. Well done Kelly! Such a great achievemnet with a busy young family! Congrats to you, your son and your whole family who no doubt played a supporting role! Happy Christmas!

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