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I’m on holiday already

…. or my brain is at least! 😆 I keep writing these fantastic, funny blog posts in my head. And then promptly forget to actually come and type them up. Something to do with the weather I am sure of it… it’s simply too much like holiday weather to be getting things done.

I’m almost done with the christmas card making. I’ve started writing in them. I’ve finished the newsletter – and have started to print them as needed. One teacher’s gift has been made and given. I’ve thought about the baking I was planning on doing. Might still do some – gingerbread men I think.

The best thing so far is that I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. I feel really excited about the Mr’s ripping open their gifts (far too many of them because I have gone a weeeeee bit overboard this year!) This is such a far cry from where I was at mentally and emotionally last year. When mentioning this among friends last week, one was kind enough to point out that I’ve done a bunch of work to make it so. But while that may well be the case, I also think it helps that I’m taking pressure away by not worrying about what I should be doing….. taking the time to enjoy what I am doing.

Like the Christmas in the Park in Avalon over the weekend. Totally fun for the kids – and great to see it making a comeback (it’s been a few years between drinks). Left my camera at home though… so hoping that some of Hubby’s cellphone pics will do the job.

Like lunching with Beverley, Sarah and Janine last week. Then going to a crop in Otari the next day. Spending time on Friday night with other girlfriends, having enjoyed a family night of dancing and sausage sizzle.

In amongst all of that, I have been creating. Mainly Chrissy cards. In one of two designs. This second design is pinched from Sarah….

Merry Christmas mask

So very, very simple to do. Yet so very effective, don’t you think? Sarah, the wonderful girl, even lent me the stamps and inks to recreate the look myself at home.

And while I’m showing some of the creativity going on around here, take a look at these little goodie bags….


Little 3″ totes, just perfect for holding some notecards, or little gifts of appreciation. Plus ultra quick and easy to do – just what you need at this time of year! Take a look at this tutorial if you would like to see how easy it is to make one for yourself.


9 thoughts on “I’m on holiday already

  1. Those cards were so quick and easy to make and Sarah was a gem to lend the stamps etc required, I certainly appreciated it…..and I just loved that design. As for that wee tote it is sitting on my scrapping desk (thanks again).

  2. loved those cards too.. gosh sounds busy at your place… and am with you on the not making Christmas too hectic and busy with what you
    think should be done’ or ‘what you used to do’!!!!!!!

  3. Those cards & gift bags are gorgeous! Thanks for posting the link for the tutorial, I may just check it out 🙂
    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year, which I’m sure will well & truly make up for anything that wasn’t quite right last year. Having no study weighing on your mind must help a lot, too. Enjoy it all!

  4. Yep … I’m proud to own one of those bags too and the cards are totally stunning. I hadn’t thought about putting together a Christmas letter, but maybe I should… would be handy to have for a year in review layout too.

    Fantastic funny blog posts always get lost on the way from my head to the computer too. This is definitely holiday weather and I’m loving it.

  5. Those sure are gorgeous cards Kelly. LOL on your brain being on holiday, fish and chips for dinner then, cos your brains on holiday you forgot to cook…that would be my excuse LOL!

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