Ready for December??


I’m not 100% convinced I am, but seeing I find myself in the 3rd day already, I’m guessing going with the flow is the right option about now!!


Taupo Re-cap:

After a very stop-start kind of trip (being the first time we took the bike on the back of the car for such a long trip, it required checking every so often to ensure it really was still well attached….), we arrived at our accomodation just a little north of Motuapa. Quite basic, but actually a very good place as it had LOADS of space and a good playground for the Mr’s to expend energy.

Unfortunately a miscommunication regarding apparently provided dinner / supper meant that we were waiting for the “dinner” to be provided before Hubby set off to load his bike in Taupo. Once we realised it was “supper” at 7pm and not “dinner” – and it was very late, we had to head to Taupo to take care of both rumbly tumms and the bike. Not quite such an auspicious start to proceedings, but in any event, it worked out well. We hit the pasta tent and had a very satisfying meal in the end.

To say Taupo was “Hot” on Saturday is an understatement! I really did feel sorry for the cyclists. Due to the late night (deepened for me by the fact I didn’t sleep well in a “new” bed) I decided that tiredness and heat would soon turn any real activity into a pile of custard. Instead we based ourselves at the fantastic playground for much of the day. Me and the Mr’s would come and go as we felt like and generally enjoy the shade of the trees there.

One “excursion” was to Farmers and we bought some Star Wars toys. The ones with the little bits that could easily go missing. The ones where I suggested that those bits stay in the car so they wouldn’t get lost. I think it was maybe 2 hours before the first casulty. 🙄 At first I was tired and grumpy about having to deal with the tears at the loss, but in the end, I realised that even if every single bit got lost, it was still a cheaper day out than doing some of the tourist activities would have been!

And how did the cyclist go? Well, he was entered for just the one leg officially, but was feeling good so he decided to go on to the finish. Hatepe Hill was not an issue (cycling home up our hill at the end of a training ride was a huge plus in that sense!!) and it was at the 65km mark that the wall came and hit him. The last 15km were apparently excruciatingly difficult. With several rests, and encouragement from other riders, finally we got word he was about to finish.


80km in around 4 hours. Not bad for the first time. And there are already plans for a full 4 member team for next year – plus Mr 7 wants to take part in the 5km heart-riders section. Looks like we’re going back in ’09!!


Piano concert

On the Sunday, we had to ensure we were packed and ready to go first thing. Mr 7 had his first piano concert at the school hall at 2pm. A bit of a bummer that we needed to head straight back home because Taupo was just gorgeous and it would have been nice to just hang for a bit.

But Mrs S had picked this date and you know, life’s like that.


Mr 7 had been practising “Donkey” but unfortunately, Mrs S had him down on the program incorrectly to play Jingle Bells as well as Old McDonald. Old MacDonald was played beautifully…. Jingle Bells was terrible! It wasn’t a song that he had really played let alone practised…. so I swung around and let her know this wasn’t the song that was meant to have been played. She interupted him after a bit, and set him on the right path. His rendition of Donkey was a bit wobbly at first as he realised he was out of his depth in playing the other song and you could tell his confidence was shaken. However, playing the familiar piece seemed to settle him and by the end, he was fine.

Afterwards, he said he felt nervous and scared playing a song he didn’t know, but a bit of reassurance that he did great in the end seemed to put that worry away. Hopefully it won’t play on his mind the next time he is to perform.



Still a few cards to make, pressies to sort out, decorating to be done. I decided to get the tree up today and we’ll decorate it tonight. Normally I would do it at the weekend – but that’s almost a week into the silly season, so now is a good time. And then I realised that one tradition would be a week out if we didn’t get a move on:


Now this has to be the BEST advent calendar I’ve come across. I found it on the bargain table at the Warehouse about four years ago – $9.99 it was. In each drawer is a little ornament to be hung on a knob as we count down. Each Mr has a day to open the box and hang an ornament.  I love it because it isn’t based on chocs or bought things. Although…… I might be tempted to have a surprise in a couple of boxes near the end this year. Maybe. Depends on if the naughty or nice column is being ticked…. 😆

And on that note, I should get a move on if I’m going to get a few of my own chores done today!



11 thoughts on “Ready for December??

  1. well done “P” on the race, sounds like he enjoyed it and did so well!!! Well done Mr 7 on the piano recital, what a trooper. Love your advent calender Kel.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time in Taupo, well done to your hubby on his excellent result!
    Well done also to your Mr 7. Gee, that brings back a LOT of memories for me as I learned piano from age 5-17, and did a lot recitals! He did very well to keep it all together when things didn’t go to plan, one would have expected a child his age to get upset about having to play a song he didn’t know. WTG!

  3. You know, theres nothing worse than getting stressed over things beyond your control even if bits get lost and dinners aren’t forthcoming. I think you managed it all very well Kelly. Well done Mr 7 on the piano.

  4. OMG I am tired reading your write up- full on for you all at the moment… as for the piano recital… I remember those days… glad you sorted out the WRONG song issue… nothing like a song you haven’t practiced!!!! good on you for getting it right

  5. Well done Kelly’s hubby on the bike thing … good on him for going further than he originally planned. So plans for ’09 huh … maybe you could be on the team? Piano recital sounds scarey … Mr 7 did a good job of holding it together even after having a big weekend. There are no Christmas bits out in our house yet … except for the advent calendars that Mum sent the kids … I like your one though, very cool idea and a bargain.

  6. sounds like you’ve been having a great time of late flitting off around the countryside!

    Congrats to your hubby on his riding effort and congrats to Mr 7 for his concert!

    We have piano recitals for TJ and CJ tomorrow. I just hope the weather holds!

  7. Sounds like a great time in Taupo….You def sound busy and yay for the piano concert! I just love your advent callander, I would love to find something like that!

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