Round a lake

Hubby is doing part of the cycle round Taupo this weekend. It’s the first time he has done it. He decided to enter after a guy at work chatted to him about it and has been training with 50-60 km rides around the Hutt. For his first time hubby was registered for the 3rd leg, but as there are only 2 riders on his “team” (the first rider doing legs 1 & 2), hubby is hoping to also complete the 4th leg.

It’s been interesting seeing his new obsession – and the shopping that needs to be done for it. Lots of packages have been arriving via post and courier. All with hefty price tags. I’m feeling the need for a splurge myself onΒ  my own obsession….. wonder what it is that makes us get all competitive over spending on our respective hobbies!! πŸ˜†

We are all travelling north for the race tomorrow. We’re staying at the group organised accommodation at a camp in Mission Bay. So far it seems quite an easy lark for us – the team organisers (there was I think around 6 people in total doing the race – plus cling-ons) are doing a lot of stuff like food etc on all of our behalf. Quite literally we are rolling up to the camp ground tomorrow night with sleeping bags and a bit of luggage and then hanging out.

The Mr’s and I are going to spend the Saturday mucking around in Taupo. I’m sure there will be lots of stuff for us to explore and find. And I believe there is carnival type stuff happening around the event this year. Taupo will be heaving with people I’m sure!! Mr 7 must be looking forward to it because he was telling his teacher that he will be taking part in it next year. Nothing like goals!! πŸ˜†

Speaking of Mr 7, I was updated this afternoon by his teacher and he has had a good week. She said that his concentration has improved a lot. Thank goodness! Now……….. if only he would remember to bring his listening ears home after school as well!!


8 thoughts on “Round a lake

  1. Yes indeed about the hefty price tag associated with this hobby. Andrew is looking for a new bike and I’m absolutely positive my hobby comes nowhere the price tag he is looking at. LOL. Sounds like a great weekend planned for you all and hoping the weather plays nicely for you.

  2. love the fact that his hobby is costly too… that must help when you spend the $$$$… enjoy Taupo- love that place… as for the listening ears…. you may get to sort that out over summer… with a 5 week listening programme!!!!! hahahahhahaha

  3. Wishing your hubby all the best for the race! Hope you and the boys have a great time in Taupo – fun place! Your Mr’s might enjoy Craters of the Moon, we took our kids there on the way back from the snow and they liked it. It takes about 45 min to walk around it though so be prepared! There’s always the bungy jump spot too, great to watch the maniacs throwing themselves off the bridge. πŸ˜€
    Oh, and Huka Falls is worth a visit too.

  4. that race sure is popular – i know of lots of people doing it, and YES – taupo will be heaving! hubs will be so proud of himself, and YES – cycling is an expensive hobby too!!!

  5. Have fun in Taupo. My brother has done the Taupo thing twice … and yes, it’s an expensive hobby … so expensive that he had to go live in England for three years so he could buy himself a very, very, fancy European bike. Well, that was the bribe his wife used to get him over there! Hmmm maybe you’ll find a scrap shop in Taupo!

  6. well its too late to say enjoy ya break away. Looking forward to reading about ya weekend away. At least you have good weather for it!!

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