No need for sleeping aids tonight

Athletics tonight was mixed. Both Mr’s will sleep very well. I will too.

Mr 7 has had cloth ears for a while now. This morning, noticing that hubby was going to be leaving around 8.30 in the morning, I decided that Mr 4 and I would not wait for Mr 7 to complete the usual morning tasks. They are the same tasks that need to be done every morning – teeth, PJs, dressing oneself, finishing breakfast at. the. dining. table. Yet in each 24 hour period, the knowledge from previous days seems to sink into some vast black hole and become irretrievable. Meaning Mummy has to get on the reminder wagon. I swear, I’m just going to set up a tape recording of myself.

So this morning I decided that seeing as Mr 4 and I were ready to head off with Angus, we would. Mr 7 could bear the brunt of Hubby’s wrath instead if he so chose rather than actually getting ready. It meant that Mr 4 and I were at kindy at 8.20 (Kindy starts at 8.15) instead of 8.45. Big difference. Plus I was not hurrying two stragglers along the whole time. It was actually very pleasant.

I remembered that I needed to tell him he was walking home with his buddy this afternoon but had forgotten to do so, so I went to his classroom to leave him a note on his desk. Hubby and he arrived at the same moment I was making my way to class. Apparently he was not too worried that I’d left without him. Darn – so that learning opportunity went awry! I told the Mr that he needed to walk home with his buddy and wished him a good day.

After school, the two boys arrive home. Mr 7’s buddy looks a little teary – I find out that Mr 7 had forgotten to wait and had walked home on his own. Luckily C’s mum is at school to pick up C’s sister for pippins and was able to drive C up to our place – meeting Mr 7 almost home. They arrive home together and Mr 7 explains what happened. A few cuddles and reassurance plus some popcorn seem to put the world back in order.


Donna arrives to collect C at 5.30 – and fills me in on the rest of the story. Mr 7’s cloth ears have not been left at home and have instead been taken to school today. He has apparently not had a good day according to the teacher’s remarks and when I asked him to explain, I hear he wasn’t listening, has been talking and generally letting himself get distracted in class. So he’s now a front rower  – meaning he is under closer watch of the teacher’s gaze.

All I want for christmas is a seven year old with ears in good working order.

We go through the “right time and place for hi-jinks” discussion. Again. I’m hoping the listening ears were on.

And then we head back to school. I was roped in as parent help and was dealing with the sprints (which is a total laugh because I. do. not. run. ) Ten minutes into the session, I get tapped on the shoulder by a parent. Mr 7 has a bloody mouth…. he was fooling around with the boy in front of him and his mouth and the boy’s head collided (thankfully not badly). A cuddle and a drink sorted that out. 20 minutes later, he’s back…. limping this time. Sore foot. Siiiiigh. Hubby says he’ll walk him home.

I look over to Mr 4’s group – he is having a blast. He’s in the javelin group (take note: these are spongey spear things, NOT actual javelins!). So I decide to keep going and let Mr 4 finish the evening. From my standpoint in the sprints, I miss seeing all his activities but friends kept me up to date with his progress. On the way home, he says he has had a great time and wants to do it again next week….yay! He is so tired, he barely gets himself into pj’s.

Meanwhile I check out Mr 7’s toe. It looks a bit swollen so I’m hoping some ice, elevation and a good night’s sleep will do the job.

As for me, I think I need some ice in that drink, elevation to my lips and then a good night’s sleep myself. Please point me in the direction of reliable listening ears and I will look into purchasing them tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “No need for sleeping aids tonight

  1. LOL if it were only that easy – I’m sure ‘that’ shop would have well and truly sold out by now! Hope there was something in that ice cold drink to aid you in your sleeping…sounds like it would have come in handy after yesterday.

  2. mmmm no sorry Mam I dont think we make listening ears in those sizes….. 4 or 7 or 14!!!!!!!!!!! seems to be catching too as all my friends have these issues…. I could open up the drink store for the parents though!!!!!! hahahahhaha

  3. Mandy thats a great idea (she would make a killing in the drinks department). Athletics sounded like it was largley enjoyable and maybe Mr 7 will enjoy it more next week once the war wounds are a distant memory. Isn’t it interesting what a difference waiting for one child can make in your walking to kindy routine. Hope you slept well.

  4. I’ve been having those morning issues too … only it’s all three of them forgetting what has to be done and making us late. I reckon a recording is the way to go cause I sure repeat myself a lot. Sounds like athletics was fun … and I know your day wasn’t all bad! :o)

  5. Wow, what a day, Kelly! I’m tired just reading about it.
    And I haven’t heard of “cloth ears” before, but what a great way to describe it! Hopefully some change is in the air for your Mr 7 … however, plenty of grown men seem to have “cloth ears” a lot of the time, so perhaps it’s just a male thing! 😉

  6. Certain ears in this family are painted on! LOL. What a trying day for you – hopefully things improve big time but might just be one of those age/stage things that they all have to go through and unfortunately as parents we have to go along for the ride whether we want to or not. Good luck and let me know if you find/hit on something that works with cloth ears. LOL

  7. Hope you enjoyed that ice and said glass elevation to the lips … and of course a good sleep … but then, believe it or not … you’ve gotta get up and do it all over again … sorry!

  8. Oh my, what a day. Hope things are better now. Almost the holidays, perhaps he is just getting a little tired after a full year.

  9. If you should find any listening ears please send them in my direction too – Sigh I dont think they grow out of it iin a hurry I want some for carl LOL

    Sounds like everyone had a blast tho and hope you enjoyed your medicinal ice to xox

  10. Oh yes I am very familiar with cloth ears, and they turn into just plain disobedience, they can hear you but decide to do somethingelse instead! Hey ‘All I want for Christmas……’ would make a great title for a lo too! lol!

  11. Sorry but my Mr 8 1/2 still has cloth ears. & it’s that morning routine that really gets me going to. & I hate starting the day having to yell at him! I told him he would have to starve at school the other day (no lunch) & he said he wouldn’t cos his friends would feed him. So I need to send him with a sign “Please don’t feed this child, his mother is trying to teach him a lesson!”

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