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OK, who is hiding the rest of November’s days??

Because I’m sure some of them have slipped off the radar!! Yet again, I’m realising how fast the days are rolling by. Today, while doing a bit of christmas shopping, one of my favourite stores had in its window that there is just 36 days until Christmas. Just a wee shock to the system, because the last time anyone pointed that out, there were something like a 110 days to go. Or it certainly felt the case!

I am at the moment a bit be-twixt and be-tweened. Not really sure what I am up to (because not a lot really seems to be getting done) but I am busy (because I’m doing “stuff”). Anyone else kind of in that state too? But I’m feeling pretty good about this time of year. Still have lots of christmassy projects to get on with (like the eleventy billion and three christmas cards that just aren’t getting themselves made, or the teacher’s projects or……) and yet the plans are coming thick and fast in regards to what I want to do. I’m just not fazed this year as to whether they get done or not. I really think it’s helping with keeping the whole period fun and stress-free. The stuff that is getting done is the stuff I’m WANTING to do. Oh yeah, there is a few bits and bobs that MUST get done, but I’m backing away from the things I feel I SHOULD do – unless I’m WANTING to do it.

And what a difference it’s making.

Doing the blog rounds, I see there are a lot of friends out there doing the same kind of thing – keeping it simple this year. One of the best tips that comes up time and time again to help out is to create lists. I have at least 5 on the go at the moment – all a little related to each other, so really, it could be argued it was all part of one great big list. But this is where i have a huge giggle to myself….. I LOVE making lists. Love it. But I don’t often refer back to them. This is where that system kind of breaks down for me. Partly I think it’s because, having written it down, it’s committed to memory. And here is my kicker: if I really WANT to work through that list, I do. But if I don’t, generally there’s a whole lot of mental shrugging of shoulders if it doesn’t get worked on. LOL!! I really am my own worst enemy in terms of organisation!!!!! πŸ˜†

One of the things I love to work through is my Christmas shopping list. The presents. I love to buy for people, working out what I think is really great this year. I love buying something for them that I feel suits their personality but nods its head to mine as well. A blending of two in a way. I really think this is why token gifts trouble me so. And at this point in time, usually, I’m often still trying to establish what is that *perfect* thing for someone.

This year?

I’m about done! Oh, don’t get me wrong – I’m not that organised that I have actually purchased all I need to – but I KNOW what I need to get still. And there’s only a few of those items I still need to actually obtain. Happily, there are quite a few things hidden currently around the house that I can start wrapping. And in some cases, start sending (*waves to J and to K in the US…. look for parcels in the next few weeks!*). That makes me happy!!

Oh, and the other Christmas thing I get to tick off? My christmas letter. I try to do one every year – mainly because it allows me to feel better about not being so great at keeping in touch throughout the year. I am such a bad friend in that respect!! Still, I love to give a brief recap and include it with the cards we send out (provided of course, I’ve finished making them!!). And as of this afternoon – the letter is finito. Woohoo!

OK, so enough drivel! If you’re still reading: well done! My stream of conciousness is not the easiest of things to navigate. I should know!!! πŸ˜†

Angus Update:

Puppy is pretty much 6 months now. Do you think he’s grown any??


We have done three weeks of dog training now and it has been really good. I need to do more of the practising than I do, but the things we are learning are being implemented and hopefully, we will be seeing the benefits paying off as we do. I still think I’m going to buy a saddle for him and the Mr’s will be able to ride him to school!! πŸ˜†

Mr 7 announced last week that he had an Excellent time on Athletics day and he wants to do athletics this summer. So, we now have Thursday evenings back up at the school and he is learning to sprint, jump, and throw stuff. It’s actually quite fun to watch and as long as we continue to get the good weather, I’m sure it’ll be fun. Mr 4 is thinking of joining the kindy boys that are doing it with their older siblings too. Watch this space – dinner picnics could become a regular thing!

And seeing as it is Wednesday, I might as well finish on another “wooohooo” moment – getting to catch up with Beverley, Janine and Sarah tomorrow for coffee. Looking forward to hearing all about Bev’s travels to QLD.



10 thoughts on “OK, who is hiding the rest of November’s days??

  1. wow, thats a long post lol. I agree get rid of the “should do’s”. Laughing at you wanting a buy a saddle for Angus so the boys could ride him. Mrs Frizz has one you could borrow. :-P.

    Sounds like your doing well with getting organised……I am all about the list making. Thursday night atheletics sound like a blast though, and picnic dinners sound like just the thing.

    See you 2morrow cuzzie πŸ˜› lol I couldn’t resist.

  2. You have fun catching up with those great girls tomorrow. Good on you in regards to the athletics – anything to do with movement is great in my book. Love that Angus is getting big….ummm maybe Angus was named after Angus Cattle then LOL! since he’s gonna be big enough to ride!

  3. Phew, I’m tired now! Sounds like you are keeping yourself out of trouble! It’s a funny feeling, being busy with “stuff” but still kind of inbetween. πŸ˜‰
    Being a list person I had to chuckle at your comments about forgetting to refer back to the list! It’s soooo satisfying to tick/cross things off! But it certainly sounds like you are pretty organised and getting things sorted early, which has to be good.

    I can’t rave enough about the Athletics club my boys go to. Ethan has totally found his “niche”. We would never have known if we hadn’t gone along for his first season last year. I think we’ll be going until he’s too old to go! Tyler joins in with the Kindy kids too and can’t wait until this time next year when he can do it “properly”. I’m sure your boys will have a blast! Keep us posted.

  4. great list of what you are doing/up to, gosh i am tired reading it all
    As for the simple christmas- I am with you……
    cute puppy pictures…

  5. Keeping Christmas simple sure does work and its stressfree too. As for the puppy – are you sure he hasn’t got some Great Dane in there somewhere?

  6. you sound like a woman with a plan kelly! i totally agree about november – organising this school gala has snatched november right from underneath me! i am usually finished xmas shopping and haven’t even started. no christmas cards either. or christmas letter. thank heavens for email!!!

  7. Well … you’ve got a lot to say today. Should I prepare a slide-show presentation and a speech about my trip … just sounds like you’re expecting more than ‘it was hot!’

    Lists … I only write them down as the last possible option … that usually comes on Dec 20th when I realise that I’ve still got Christmas shopping to do and the kids are expecting presents!

    Wow at the size of Angus … I can just imagine him dragging you down the street on the end of his lead … best you keep up the practising of the puppy pre-school lessons!

    See you tomorrow. :o)

  8. Phew! Think I’m about level pegging with you in the sort-of-organised-but-not-quite-done stakes with Christmas lol.
    Angus is looking lovely and I bet Mr 7 sleeps like a top on Thursday nights πŸ˜‰
    Have fun tomorrow and say hi to Janine for me πŸ™‚

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