A very sweet Christmas Competition

This is the competition running over at SBO. It’s one of quite a few competitions running around the forums at the moment. I thought I’d give this one a go, and see how many weeks I manage to complete something. Definitely a way to get the old creative juices going. Because they really need to flow a bit faster… I mean, there are Christmas cards waiting to be done!! 😆

Week one was to do some kind of Christmas countdown or advent. A LOT of people are using Ali E’s very cool idea of a daily journal. Would love to do that – but I have so many mini-album projects I want to get down before Christmas I thought it best not to add in another one. Instead, I took the concept and kept it to a page. It’ll be great to print out tiny photos (1 5/16 inch!) and add them in. Not all days will have a photo – some might just have journalling. Some may just have nothing – totally depending on what we do to get ready for the Christmas season.


Arguably, this is hybrid scrapping too. The calendar was from a project downloaded from Simple Scrapbooks* here. Now, the lady who put it together had a double paged 12×12 spread. Meaning her photo squares were bigger – and probably easier to work with. I may well have to invest in one of those fancy 13″ printers!!! 😆

I found it hard not to jazz it up at the moment. I will probably add some more touches to it at the end of the month – but for now, the thought of just adding pics and journalling AND HAVING A PAGE COMPLETED  for the holiday season AS IT HAPPENS is actually a tad exciting. Wooohoooo!!

Promise to share the final result at the end of December.

Ok, I’ll calm down now! 😆  I better. Dinner needs to be cooked tonight. And there are election results to watch. I almost wish I was American…. their election seems a whole lot more interesting than our one. Which is only in 3 days time. You’d never think it with all the US coverage!!


*Month to month Calendar from Catherine Bodine (Zip file, Photoshop templates)


5 thoughts on “A very sweet Christmas Competition

  1. This looks fab, Kelly! I love it – and I can just imagine it filled up with some journalling and pics. Very cool indeed! 🙂

    I totally know what you mean about almost wishing you were American – I feel like that mostly because of a) how gracious McCain was when he lost and b) their election is OVER … and we have another *great* debate to listen to tonight, with John & Helen arguing and interrupting like a couple of squabbling toddlers. Sigh.

  2. At least you have made a start on Christmas scrapping – love that idea too. Good luck with the rest of the competition.

  3. hey that looks good kelly, go you for being so organized….well I was watching the election results all arvo while doing some cadrmaking.

  4. what a good idea – I am doing a december album but any year that it becomes too busy I might scrap lift this idea – very nice

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