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The world keeps spinning

…and the days keep passing. I am ALWAYS amazed at how quickly time can pass. Especially when you have 101 things you want to get on and do and somehow not enough hours in the day to achieve it all. So, it’s been a busy week around here. Mostly just recovering from those exams. I’ve been surprised at how tired I’ve felt in the week to 10 days since they were done. Apparently I was running on adrenaline for a good month or so before hand and now that has all left, drained was what was left.

Instead of leaping into all the planned projects I had in mind, they’ve been started in a more piecemeal fashion. Which is OK, because I get to enjoy doing things slowly. And enjoy the fun of being in the moment a little more too.

Moments like creating stuff for Beverley who has a birthday coming up – AND a scrapping retreat in Aus. How cool is THAT??! I’ve given her the bits and pieces already, so I’m going to share here:

I know Beverley likes her birds, so I just had to use the Always birdie – and I really l like him in the Sage Shadow colour! The sentiments are Verve – I’m totally in love with their sentiments. Very much not overly mushy but still lovely. They have a release party coming up next week – and I think a little birdie may have shown me some of the new sets….. totally lovely!!

First use of Silver bells Glimmermist. Such an easy way to pop a bit of shimmer and glitz on a project. The ribbon was certainly celery – and in my mind’s eye it was not quite working with the colours. So I sponged a hint of sage shadow on it and it worked. But you know what?? Certainly celery and Sage Shadow DO work very  nicely together – check out the wintergreen paper collection in the Stampin Up catelogue!

I’d purchased a few charm squares of cupcake fabric for my gift (another of Beverley’s loves!). I had popped out to Sawmiller’s Quiltery in Upper Hutt (that is a whole other post in itself… the yummy fabric, the amazing quilts…..!) and the bag was perfect as the gift bag. So I added a few touches and there it was.

Having done a spot of crafting in order to prepare, I was looking forward to getting together with the girls at the James Cook. Sarah and I took the car in – so easy to get to as it is right off the motorway. So hard to get out from – for four hours it cost us $34!!!! Daylight robbery. Had I known that, I would have organised to take the train – or even park in a completely different place. But because we were doing the High Tea there, it made sense to park there as well. Not again!!

A sample of the High Tea – and it was delicious!!

The birthday girl – arranging the composition of her photo. This is why I’m a snapshotter rather than a photographer!!

After enjoying a good old catch up and chat and food and endless cups of tea and coffee, we walked a few of the calories off by wandering around the Kirk’s christmas shop. Birds are everywhere this year!! I bought a couple of gorgeous red, feathery fellows for my tree.

The following day was the 31st – Halloween. This isn’t something that I’ve really got into before, but after the party our neighbours had last year, the Mr’s were totally looking forward to it again this year. L wasn’t up for organising a huge bash again as she had a new baby. However, it wasn’t going to get overlooked and we did a much smaller scale thing. Pizza and beer (yum!) for dinner, a couple of mates dressing up and a spot of doorknocking. The kids loved it – and got an amazing haul. The neighbours were very generous – and some got into the spirit of it all by dressing up, or making hte kids do something.

The first time they were asked what was their trick, they were stumped. then Mr 7 decided he had the perfect trick. Ear farts.

Yes, really.

The kids all thought that was fantastic so he got to perform the trick over and over. And over again.

Is that a genetic thing? Boys and fart noises from any part of their bodies??? ! 😆

The H’s.

Trick or treat! Mr 7 was a vet, Mr 4 was a sparkly wizard. See Mr 7’s pet carrier? He managed to persuade people not only to pop items in his trick or treat bag, but also into his pet carrier for Rusty pup. Hmmmmmm.

Baby L was also dressed up in her pram as a fairy – totally cute as a three month old. I was a sparkly witch with a sparkly purple hat, and not to be left out was Angus, the pirate dog!


9 thoughts on “The world keeps spinning

  1. Wow, you have been busy creating some special things for Beverley – she’s a lucky girl! I saw some of the photos of “high tea” on Beverley’s blog, what a fun thing to do with a bunch of girlfriends. Yikes at the cost of parking though!!!

  2. wowsa that was pricey high tea with the parking cost included!!!!!!
    and YAh little Angus in the middle of the action- well pirate action what ever a pirate dog would get up too!!!!!

  3. So now I’ve realised that the high tea was for Beverleys birthday!! LOL. Ouch at the parking. Good to take things a bit quieter now with the exams over and Christmas will be here before you know it! LOL

  4. Sorry Kelly, but as a public transport chick lol I had no idea your parking would be so expensive- that’s daylight robbery!! Loved the card and that wee bag that you made for Beverley. I was telling her we should each scrap the photos from Friday, would be cool to see our takes on it. Halloween looked pretty cool in your neck of the woods.

  5. Great …. I’ve been meaning to take pics of your card and gift and stuff but haven’t quite got around to it yet … now I can just send people here to see … thanks! :o) And thanks for the gift … love those cupcake fabrics. Ouch at the parking … I told Michael and he couldn’t believe it, it sounds like the fee you’d pay if you lose your ticket or something. Parking across the road at clifton tce would have cost $12 for the day … next time we’ll know! Halloween looks like it was fun.

  6. I love your brown bag! What a great way to decorate it! The costumes look like a lot of fun for everyone. Well, everyone except for Angus the dog as he looks like he is trying to exit the scene before any photographic evidence of his humiliation can be produced. LOL. High tea looks wonderful! That is why I love going out to tea with my girlfriends – wonderful goodies and sandwiches, plus lots of chatter and catching up! So sorry about the parking fee – that is crazy. As for your celery ribbon – yes, the greens do go fine together but it sounds like it just wasn’t the look you were going for – how smart of you to dab it with the sage – the end result was beautiful!

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