Good Times

What a difference a couple of days makes! So the exams are over. Done and dusted. And I’m feeling like they went well. Let’s just wait til Christmas though. Don’t want to count those chickens too early!

One thing that sure helped this year was the support various girlfriends offered. By way of play dates for the Mr’s, doing their best not to phone me (which is hard because I love to Yak on the phone as much as the next person!!), encouraged me to NOT attend those fun crafty days that I wanted to but shouldn’t, understood when I turned down invitations. Just very simple things – but I knew the support was there. And then this turns up on my doorstep last Sunday. (Bummer: you’ll have to click the link back there as I can’t get the images to appear here….)

Luckily Donna took those photos because the treats were eaten mostly before I thought to take a photo! Lots of home baking (which I didn’t need to share, but I did. A teeny bit at least!) yum! And a bit of chocolate too….. definitely a pick-me-up!! I reverted back to old Uni-days in terms of study diet…. Never has pizza, beer and chocolate tasted so good! πŸ˜†

Hubby took Wednesday off which was great. He was hoping to go kayaking or biking to relax and chill out, but the weather was not cooperating. Instead we had lunch together, caught Mr 7 during his school swimming, and then he got to check out Mr 4’s progress at his swim lesson. It was great just to hang out and do some low-key stuff together.

During the last few months, I had to restrict my crafting time – I enjoy it way too much and I would not get the study done that I needed to. So I am seriously looking forward to playing a bit more now. (you might have picked up on that in a few posts…..! πŸ˜† ) But I did need to get a couple of kids birthday cards done. Normally I keep these fairly simple – because they are kids cards. But not being able to get into the new goodies from SENZ was driving me a little bit crazy. So I broke out the nestabilities. Oh they are so much fun!

Blingy birthday card for a Miss 4. Using Verve Some Bunny stamp… my paper piecing needs work!

Cut and embossed the image panel. I love how the embossed edged gives a smart finishing detail. I will be investing in more shapes…. they are a dream to use!!

A pirate card for a Mr 8. Now, I went to town a little on this, using a stamping positioner, vellum – and my SU slit punch to create the waves.

My wee pirate stamp is just a cheap Kaiser one from the red shed, but he’s had a bit of a workout the past year. Again, I’m loving the ability to create layers and dimension with the nestabilities.Β Β  I’ve used water-colour pencils to colour big beard.

Like I said, the waves were created with the slit punch. I did it at different heights so it looked a bit more in keeping with real waves. The tops were sponged with blue bayou ink to give some more dimension to them. That and the stamped image have been raised on foam tape.

Now, I know a lot of people have the cuttlebugs out there, but I have a big shot. The nesties worked perfectly with that machine. I used the tan embossing mat either in or out of the clear plates depending on if I was embossing or cutting and I’m thrilled with the results. I know the “sandwiches” you need to create when using the ‘bug can differ. Here is a great resource to help work out the best method for your machine.

Right, after that wee catch up, I need to go get Mr 4 from Kindy. We’re heading out for a fluffy before going to Mr 7’s open assembly later this afternoon. Oh the joys of not having to look at a text book is sooooo goooood!!


13 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. I love the cards you made for the kids! Gorgeous! Had to laugh at big beard a bit. He’s too cute to be a menacing pirate! I love the gift you received from your friend Donna. She is quite talented too. You both make me jealous! But that won’t stop me from coming by and admiring. πŸ˜‰ I hope things went well with your exam. It must be a relief to have it over.

  2. Yay for exams being over, I’m sure the results will reflect your effort and you should have plenty of time now to catch up on all those crafty projects. Funny how a diet of pizza, beer and chocolate goes hand in hand with being a student! Loving the way you’ve used your nestablities … really got to get mine out and have a play… and how cool is Donna with those treats … very creative of her.

  3. I can just hear the excitement in your “voice” as I read this, Kelly! HOORAY for exams being over, and having time to concentrate on FUN stuff like scrapbooking and hanging out with your guys.
    You should be VERY proud of how well you’ve done. It takes a lot of dedication to study while you’ve got kids so I commend you for it.

  4. Now you can breathe a big sigh of relief and get back into being crafty. Well done on being so strict with yourself to get all the studying done and hopefully it will all pay off for you. All the best.

  5. Yeah for exams being over!
    Love the comment about your ‘student’ diet – I had beer and pizza for tea tonight – now just need to hunt out some chocolate – LOL!!!
    Now crack out those scrapping supplies and have a good play! πŸ™‚

  6. Was good to catch up Friday night Kel. Loved what Donna created what a fab friend. So does that now mean the chocolate and pizza meals are over? Well done on completing your studies and exams, you dug so deep this year and I am so proud of you. I feel bad if we tempted you but we do not have to worry about tempting you anymore cos you can say yes lol. Loved that you broke out the nestabilities.

  7. Great your exams are over and that you can now relax and have fun. Don’t worry about the results as there is nothing you can do now to change them

  8. WAHOOOO for finishing your exams that is totally fab!!! That student diet sounds great – beer yay summer is comming and think that might be my excuse hee hee

    LOVING the cards and tha fact you have some time to create yay you that is so cool and I love all the depth and dimension you have got going on, just awesome ……..


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