Just another day in pre-exam life

OMGosh!!!! Exam 1 is tomorrow afternoon. Exam 2 is Tuesday afternoon. I feel like I need another 2 months before turning the question paper over. Yet at the same time, if I look at another set of notes, I think my brain will just EXPLODE!!

This morning I was woken up around 3.30am for some reason. Kids were sound asleep so it wasn’t them. Do you think I could be back to dream land? Nope! The old brain is fair fizzing now. So today I am just casually looking over the stuff for tomorrow’s exam. Just so it knows I am totally freaked out by it I still think I can answer some questions.

The small part of my brain not completely taken up with keeping those butterflies within low altitudes of my stomach is already thinking onwards. To Wednesday. To FREEDOM!!! Gees, it seems like a get out of jail card or something! šŸ˜† Honestly, I have been so submersed in the material to get through lately, I feel like I have been absent from the real world for aaaaaaages. I simply cannot wait to begin the HUGE list of projects sitting on the back burner. Like that bag I want to make, like the de-cluttering of the house that seriously needed doing about four years ago. Like the garden tidy up and transformation. Like my exercise and fitness plan (say what??!) Oh, and ALL those scrapping projects I soooooooo wanted to get done but had to leave. (Ummm….. that DOES include your CJ Beverley! šŸ˜³ )

But right now? I’m remembering to breath.

…..Breath In……..Breath out……….


15 thoughts on “Just another day in pre-exam life

  1. All the best for the exams Kelly – you’ll fly through them chickee! Maybe some good old fashioned warm milk with a bit of horlicks before bed?

  2. One day at a time – remember to breath – good luck for Monday and Tuesday and Yay for Wednesday! LOL

  3. Only two days away from freedom… can do it. If you can take some rescue remedy, just helps settle the nerves. Just remember you know this stuff and you can do it.

  4. Good luck Kelly – but with all the work you have put in I dont think it will be luck that gets you through it!! Knock em sideways!

  5. Good luck Kelly and if you’ve done the work you’ll be fine. Nerves are good – keep you focussed

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