Show and tell time

You asked – so I give! πŸ˜€ I’m taking a break from cramming and thought that I might as well share the class layouts from SENZ.

Distressing and Dimension – Donna Meuli

My first class was this one. I was meant to have printed a black and white photo for the class, but when I went to Harvey Norman’s on Thursday night, I got the size and the orientation but forgot to select the B&W. Luckily, the photo worked really well with the class kit! So, the techniques in this class were inking, painting, dry-brush painting, tearing, rolling and ripping, and sanding. Yes, all in the one layout! Love it.

Family Heritage Photos – Create

Now, this photo has a funny story. When quickly scanning through the folder I have of old family photos I scanned in last year, I knew I had one of my Nana and Grandad’s wedding. So finding this photo, I popped it on the card to take an print. Looking at it at the beginning of the class, I was like.. Waaaaaiit. That’s not my grandad. And that’s not my nana! Uh-oh!! Thank goodness for cell-phones. I sent the pic to my mum asking “Who are these people?!” and she was able to tell me that it was my Grandad’s only brother and his wife. Phew! Now I can put the right names on the layout!! πŸ˜†

Now, this class wasn’t nearly so organised, and while I learnt some good things, the layout itself was not finished even though it was really quite a simple one. I think the difference was in the way each step was handed out bit by bit rather than in a prepared class kit. But the main thing that I learnt is that while some say NOT to scrap original old photos, what else are you going to do with them?? I tend to agree with that philosophy and was grateful to just learn how you can treat them with respect. So, the photo is not stuck down in anyway – merely attached by slipping the corners into a fancy corner punch. Brilliance ink is apparently the best for working with in these types of layouts – but not Stazon: it has alcohol which can upset the longevity.

I also realised that all my heritage layouts are A4 sized so I need to rework the layout a bit, so it was just as well it wasn’t finished on the day.

Scrapping uniform!

This apron was inside the next class kit! How fun is that. I was joking to Mandy that I now have a Scrapping uniform to wear when I’m crafting. πŸ˜† Yay for the fact that Trina is the Lead Ambassador for Fiskars and clearly scored us some great gear.

The class was the beading one. And I loved the end result.

Beading with Trina McClune

Great use of Dimensional Magic – which wasn’t on the class list but was meant to have been! We had enough to share with those that had brought it anyway and a couple of bottles they had to purchase very quickly. It’s seed beads around the photo, around the brad on the red flower, and in the centre of the dandelion. I still need to attach the larger beads with thread around the red edges and pop the title on. I didn’t have thread with me (another supply list oopsie) and I couldn’t figure out a title during the class. So guess which layout will have my first attention come next Wednesday (aka “Day of Freedom”??!).

We also made a great card:

So very, very simple, yet very, very cool thanks to that paper. Now, I know it is a new one from Fiskars, and I think it was from Heidi Grace and was called midnight whispers or something like that.


20 thoughts on “Show and tell time

  1. yip I added that to my blog to…. will see you in it next crop….. as for your title… I haven’t added one either as want to do red… and cant find the letters I want…. good to hear what you thought of your classes … good to know for next time…. happy studying…. great stuff….

  2. If you want more of that paper I know Lyall Bay Warehouse has it…we went shopping there before going to the crop on Saturday night! It was great catching up with you again Kelly, love the other layouts that you did and so neat that we can all share them on our blogs, because time just flew over the weekend!

  3. So pleased to meet you in person Kelly! LOL, you should have said Scrappydo straight away!
    Love the layouts finished! Thanks for your kind comments. Hope to see you at another SENZ!

  4. It looks like that scrapping uniform needs an iron! Trina just sent me a box of Midnight goodies today but I noticed that Kiwiscraps had it in the shop too. Love how your layout turned out … very effective.

  5. I tend to agree with you on the heritage photos and what a great idea to put them into the fancy photo corners. I think I have seen that range in our Warehouse as well – they definitely have the rub ons etc.

  6. Hi Kelly! Thanks for being a friendly face for me this weekend – was lovely to meet you, and I love your class work you have showcased.

  7. Was good to see you. Good luck for those exams. Loved what you created that distressing and dimension class was cool.I loved that tip about the heritage layout too and not sticking them down. I saw Mandy’s beading class layout close up and it was a stunner, you ladies had some fun in that class for sure. Phew for having ya phone for that heritage layout, so your mum could tell you who those people were.

  8. Oh lovely work Kelly πŸ™‚ That paper is great too.
    Matte paper – we use the Epson matte paper (since we have an Epson printer). DH has got some other beautiful heavier weight matte paper from Hanemuhle for his photos, but for me the normal gsm weight is fine for scrapbooking. The normal ink for the Epson printer will work fine on matte paper, but it really is better on gloss. Matte black ink gives a better definition and depth in the shadows. You can see the difference, but for most people it’s not a big deal. However, DH being a mad photographer is determined to get the best print hence the attention to this detail.

  9. Cool Kelly. I bought that Kaiser paper cos it’s so pretty, didn’t know what I was gonna do with it, until now…… think I might just have to scraplift that! BTW are those the new vellum flowers?

  10. Oh, I love the wedding pic of your great uncle and his wife. How neat! That is a great apron. I never thought about one for scrapbooking but it is a great idea. You are very creative. I love the layouts. The beading one is too cute!

  11. WOW! What great layouts there Kelly. Looks like you had a ball at SENZ. Love all the beads on the layout from Trina’s class. Seen sneak peak on her blog. Looked interesting. πŸ™‚

  12. WOW seriously funky work there and LOL about the wedding photo – lucky for you mum to set ya straight and what a great philophsy about scrapping old photos I never thought of it like that – you are so right what else are you gonna do with them. πŸ™‚

    And the distressed layout is my fav, OMG you must have zoomed thru all those techniques to get it done

    Better go I think carl is eating all the toast grrrrr


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