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This just in from SENZ…..

So I was at SENZ yesterday and today – and will be again tomorrow. Yesterday was the busiest day, I had two classes. One was distressing and dimension with Donna Meuli from SBO, the other a Family Heritage on through Create. Loved both of them. Will be posting layout pics later – cos I haven’t got time now! Plus a couple need a few finishing touches. Only had an hour to look around the stands yesterday.

Now, there’s my bugbear. I shall just say it once cos I just have to get it out there. The stands were appallingly lacking. I mean, it just seem like there wasn’t that many there and one in particular rubbed me up the wrong way with their attitude. (Like, expecting people from out of town and with no transport to travel in order to see what the store really stocked). There didn’t seem to be that many (I mean, around in an hour and I was more or less done!) Plus, there were no means of getting cash to spend at the stores (and there were a few) that didn’t have EftPos. And then there was the lack of make n takes. You know, the fun of just having a go. I just didn’t get it. My only other experience was SENZ at Palmy and it was totally buzzing by comparison.

OK, so having got that part off my chest, the rest was GREAT!! The classes: totally fun and do-able. Meeting people: having people come up to me, having recognised me from forum avatars and greet me with “Hi, Scrappy!” – totally weird, but really fun! The Sketchbook dinner last night…  girls at Cobb & Co. So fun to catch up with the forum girls and meet some more. Just AWESOME!

So, I went back on a fantastically gorgeous day and completed my last class, which was beading with Trina. Loved it. Got a very cool Fiskars apron: I have a scrapping uniform now!! 😆 Then I scoped out a few more things I was hoping to get. I also spotted a set of Nestabilities that I have just been craving since, well,  forever! I caved and got them this morning… Stamp Zone had the full sets at $127 which wasn’t that much more than I could have got in from Australia.

Of course, I’m going to have to wait about 10 days before I get to play. *Insert the biggest groaning moan with eye rolling here!*

The last thing for the weekend I need to do is go back tomorrow and help at Keryn’s class. Looking forward to it. And from what I heard around the place, it’s a goodie.

And just because I haven’t had a photo for a while, here’s one now:

Scrappy Stash

And to finish a great day…. my little bro (the 31 year old, yeah… real little!) called while I was in the middle of my shopping. He got engaged last night!! Woooohoooooo!!

Now, this is really funny, because as Sarah and I were chatting on the way home after dinner last night, I made mention of my little bro and how he had this wonderful girlfriend and I hoped that one day they would get married. And I swear, within 2 minutes of that statement, my phone rang. It went unanswered because it was in the back and I was driving. But it was G…. calling to let me know he and E were engaged! How fun-spooky is that??!


10 thoughts on “This just in from SENZ…..

  1. Wow, that’s pretty shocking about the stands, but glad you enjoyed the classes and especially the dinner last night 🙂 And it must be very cool to have people recognise you from forums and call you by your username (mine would sound awfully funny being yelled across a busy hall, LOL).

    Congrats to your brother on his engagement!

    Looking forward to the show & tell 🙂

  2. gosh your quick with the show and tell of the shopping,….. I think I will blog tomorrow…… and climbing into bed as soon as I type this…. so are you still at the crop???? buying more???? with you on the stalls…. and I have nothing to compare it too!!!!! so so squashy!!!!!!!! and what is with those trolleys!!!!! thought they weren;t allowed…. classes excellent…. 2 down- 1 to go….

  3. Nice little pile of goodies there. Shame about the stalls though but glad your classes have made up for it.

  4. what a shame about the stalls but still a nice wee pile of goodies there. And sounds like the classes where a lot of fun. And it would have been such fun just to meet people of the forums. Enjoy the class today 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time in spite of the stalls 🙂
    That’s great news about your bro’s engagement, congrats to them both.

    I’ve succumbed to scrapbooking and am starting an album for my daughter’s 21st, so I’ll be trawling back through your pics lol.

  6. A very cool round-up of Senz for those of us unable to go. Thanks heaps for that. You are going to love those Nestabilities, my friend and I have been collecting them, some from Oz and some from our local Scrappy shop and they are wonderful. Enjoy.

  7. Ohhh, those stamps ARE cute! Went back for a look today…things were def. clearing out a little. Was great you could come last night, lol – found your text this morning!

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