Woohooot Wednesday

Because I feel I need to look for some good things in a week that’s been a bit rough. No photos, but well, you get that when you’re sneaky-sneaking your way on the the computer when you should be fixing lunch. 😳

So, my first woo-hooot? All your wonderful comments in relation to Sam. Our days feel a bit strange without the routines of feeding Sam, or checking we haven’t left him inside overnight. I miss the usual quick pat as I pass by on our way to or from the car. I miss the “Meeouw” exchange we would give each other in the garden (yep, I spoke back to him! 😆 ). But I was glad Monday was such a gorgeous day, and it was better to say good-bye in the sun. We are all a bit in stunned by the suddenness of him passing, but we’ve had fun remembering him too.

SENZ is just 2 sleeps away. Yeah, I’m a bit excited about going. I didn’t go last year, and I remember the fun of my first one in Palmy the year before. I have to get my class materials together tomorrow – and remember to pick Sarah up on Friday! I’m really looking forward to catching up with some fellow scrappers and cyber-buddies. I’ll be the very odd on sitting in the corner with some revision notes. Yeah, I really think I’ll get 5 minutes here and there to look at them!! 😛

Puppy pre-school starts tonight for us. Yeah, I’m thinking we will manage to get some training tips in. For the Boys of the house as much as our 4-legged addition.

One last Wooo-hooo for good measure? That in exactly 2 weeks, I will NOT have to stick my nose in a book. Just as well I’ve always been a crammer for exams…. the ups and downs of the last couple of weeks have been quite distracting. And you know what? Just after school holidays is not the best time to schedule in exams. I’ll remember that when I’m in a position to make others work like I am now! 😆

Oh, and that today is NOT raining. Yeah, definitely a good day when the Mr’s are at home with a new puppy!

Hope the sun is shining on you, and you have some wooo-hooos in your Wednesday too. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Woohooot Wednesday

  1. love the thought of puppy pre-school….. so so cute…. I think some pictures will be taken while there… meeting new friends….oooohhhhh

  2. Love that you are taking your study notes to SENZ!! Atta girl!
    Very cool that it will all be over in just 2 weeks … wow, I sooo remember the feeling of finally being DONE with exams and study and Uni. The freedom is amazing!

  3. Goodluck with exams…not that you’ll need luck, clever lady. Did you steal my sunshine then? It’s raining over this side of the hill!

  4. well not long till SENZ, looking forward to doing dinner and the crop pver the weekend. I am so proud of you, just think two weeks and its all over study wise, you have dug in so hard over the lst two months!! Awww have fun tonight at puppy pre school. See you Friday.

  5. Puppy preschool – been there done that and it was a lot of fun. Ours was the biggest, noisiest and naughtiest and we said he needed puppy detention. Good luck.

    Give yourself permission for a night off during SENZ and have fun.

  6. oh *huggles* about Sam – this’ll teach me for ignoring google reader for a week, I missed the important stuff. So glad you can remember the good stuff though.

    Puppy school sounds adorable, such a good idea. I was thinking that very thing about your exams too, soooo not good timing…and how dare they schedule them before SENZ? 😛

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