Good-bye Sammy-Puss

Today I have done something I never ever wanted to do. I’ve had to let go a much loved member of our family.

Hubby and I adopted Sam cat from a friend of a friend 12 years ago when we moved into our first house. He was 2. And he was a beautiful, strong, big black pussy-cat. One that I used to laugh about being the Original “Scar-face Claw”. When we went overseas he was just 4, and we were lucky enough to have Hubby’s mum that was willing to look after him for us. Four years later, she handed him over and he settled back in with us.

He’s had a good life, although he has needed to adjust as the family expanded. But the big, proud pussy cat has always handled the household with great dignity. I used to love coming  home and seeing him sitting neatly on the fence post by the gate, or be greeted as he moved from the ultra sunny spot under the tree with a stretch and a meeouw as we went in through the front door.

Yesterday I found him sitting on top of the sandpit lid, soaking. So unlike him. I dried him off and took him to the front door to eat his breakfast, which he did. He didn’t come for his dinner last night, but that usually isn’t too big a deal. This morning he was waiting on the front mat, but was so lethargic. Totally not interested in food or water. Couldn’t walk without wobbling or shaking. Fearing the worst, I called our vet and told them I was bringing him straight in.

I got the call around 11 this morning. Severely de-hydrated, very cold, very very slow heartbeat. Blood results indicating the kidneys were in trouble…. was there any toxins around the place he could have got into? The answer was not to my knowledge. We agreed to deal with getting his heart rate sorted and pumping fluids in. It was very likely I was going to need to make a decision, but we would try to wait 24 hours.

An hour later, another call.

In their monitoring, his heart stopped beating while they moved  him. Although he was back, I could see the time to make the decision had come. I told them I would be there in 20 minutes. Hurry, they said, that could be too late.

I sent the half-done lunch to the neighbours that had the Mr’s, grabbed my other neighbour with years of wisdom behind her, and flew to the vets. He was on oxygen. They had kept him with us until I got there. He was in pain, so I said Yes, let’s do it now. Holding him until his last breath was heartbreaking. But immediately he looked at peace. Just a few short hours ago, he didn’t seem like our Sam-puss. Now, lying lifeless in my arms, he was.

They have arranged him beautifully in a box – he looks just like he does when he is sleeping in front of the heater in the lounge. Graeme, my neighbour, has dug a hole for us under the rhododendron right beside his favourite sunny spot. He has a baby wrap from when Mr 7 first arrived. Olly and I have had a wake – she held my hand through the process, drove us home and whipped up a medicinal brandy. Hubby will be home soon, we have a lovely prayer picked out, and we will place Sam in his favourite spot where he can rest forever.

Good-Bye Sammy-cat. You are a much loved pussycat.


21 thoughts on “Good-bye Sammy-Puss

  1. Oh, this is soooo sad. I am holding back the tears for you and sending you hugs. I hate losing those innocent little members of the family.

    Since they asked about the toxins, it makes me wonder if he may have gotten a batch of that tainted cat food like the scare we had in the States from the pet food imported from China (with the melamine in it). Regardless, I’m so glad he had a good life and people who cared enough to try to help him. He was a lucky cat. Biggest hugs to you.

  2. Oh Kelly, I’m so very sorry for your loss 😦
    It sounds like Sammy-Puss was a very special family member, and I’m sure the memories will live on, even though he is no longer with you.

  3. ohhhhhhhh HUGS HUGS HUGS
    sorry for your loss….. am giving my girl a cuddle in sympathy with tears in my eyes… good bye sammy-puss….RIP

  4. Oh, tears here too. I remember vividly holding my dog as they put her to sleep, it’s so very hard. Hugs!

  5. so sorry to hear about Sammy Puss, a sad time for you all. But your wake sounds like it will be very healing for you. Hugs for you all today. “Cats leave paw prints on your heart”.

  6. Tears streaming down my face…they are such a part of the family and no decision is harder. However he was blessed to have you there for his final moments, what comfort you would have brought him, having that familiar voice, smell and feel. Big hugs Kelly.

  7. Bye bye Sammy Puss.
    Big hugs to you Kelly and your family, so sad losing a loved member of the family. But his memory will live on in your hearts.

  8. Oh Kelly … I am sitting here with tears absolutely streaming down on my face … that is journalling from the heart my friend … gut wrenching!

    Big hugs sent your way …

  9. You wrote that beautifully Kelly. Had me in tears too. Grief is an emotion we don’t often have to / or hope to deal with. Hope you all do ok.

  10. So beautifully written Kelly. You were so strong on the phone when we talked yesterday. Big Hugs and know I’m thinking of you.

  11. Kelly I am so sorry I too have had to make the decision and honey be so proud of your self you did the best and I am so proud of you and bawling my eyes out xoxxo

    MASSIVE HUGS to you and everyone xoxoxoxox

  12. Oh Kelly hun, great big huge hugs to you and the Mr’s. It is so so difficult to make that kind of decision, it is just over a year ago we had to do the same for our big boy woofer.

    Thinking of you and knowing that Sammy-Puss is at rest

  13. So, so sorry to hear that you lost one of the family. Our beloved animals worm their way into our hearts which then break when we lose them. I lost my big black and white boy in South Africa in a very similar way – I found him sitting outside in the rain under a leaf; straight to the vet and it was the same story. Hubby and I made the decision there and then to say goodbye. Hugs to you and your family, Kelly

  14. It’s not very nice is it. We had our beloved spaniel Milo put down in July. He was 13 and suffered (so the vet diagnosed) Cushings Disease. We were also with hom till the end, kids and all.


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