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Krafty Verve challenge

A couple of weeks ago, Verve started the September parade challenge, which was to do a card featuring natural elements like Kraft card, or twine or somesuch. Knowing I have some new Verve goodies, still to be inked, I thought it would be a great challenge. However, knowing I also have the serious revision thing going on, I have to be very good and ensure I’m not playing instead of studying. So, I did a quick card I needed for a pal of Mr 4’s:

Supplies: Kaiser stamps, Stazon ink, SU! cardstock and twine, scrap Kraft paper, watercolour pencils

I have since done another card for one of the Mr’s cousins but still have to upload it. I managed to use one of the Verve stamps on that one too, so I’ll feel better about that 😉


Angus update:

Going to bed really well now. Night 3 saw a bit of wimpering as he was put to bed and that was it. The next few nights have seen him walk into the laundry with me, and settling happily. Yay! He does wake us in the morning, but with Daylight saving, so far that time is OK.

Our biggest issue now is the house-training…. I really hope we get this sorted soon. Anytime we’ve managed to get him to go outside, it seems to have been great luck rather than anything else. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare as we were having “mistakes” soon after we’d taken him to the spot where he was meant to go. Grrrrrrr! However, we’ve decided to go the “crate training method” and I’m hoping this will allow us to get it sorted soon.

This method sounded a bit over the top to me when it was first suggested to us. However, as I need to have the time to revise, I can’t be 100% attentive to him so it seems like a good method for us all afterall. In addition, we want to make sure he has a happy space to be confined in if we have visitors that are not comfortable around dogs. Especially as he gets older – and bigger!


My Circle Journal made its way home last week. It’s lovely and I have pictures to share too. But again, I’ll have to be a tease and promise that you will see those a bit later 😀

That’s my 15 minutes online time up, so have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Krafty Verve challenge

  1. love the card…. and cute about the ‘Angus’ updates…..
    as for the circle journal being back – yippee …… good to see them again ah!!!!!
    can’t wait for the pictures of it….

  2. i want the doggie…. nice card but doggie is nicer! PS i do hope youre prepared, 11 days counting down, we all have our cupcake flavours picked out, I need you to tell me if each flavour has the same decoration?

  3. So I’m not so jealous about that side of owning a doggy! I quite like the look of that twine on your card … might be something I need to get. Oh … and speaking of circle journals … shouldn’t I be keeping your finished one for incentive purposes?!

  4. Ohhhh, good job…you used kraft and twine! Love the stamp, perfect boy card!

    Woohooo for Angus going to bed well, sounds like he got that bit down pretty fast, fingers crossed he “clicks” to the toileting quick smart too.

  5. love the card. Thats great news about Angus and his sleeping routine. heres hoping the toilet training goes well.

  6. Lovely card, Kelly!
    Glad to hear that Angus is going to bed better … I’m sure these things take time, so sounds like you guys are doing well. Good luck with your study!

  7. Tra la la Tra la dee !!!!

    **Sprinkles fairy dust everywhere**

    Such a cool card Kells, you are such a creative cookie. I too especially like the twine you have used there. Just enough froo froo without being OTT.

    And yes, the crate method may seem harsh, but I find it works not only with dogs but husbands too.

  8. Oh, I love your card! I personally love kraft paper and twine so it was neat to see you use those materials. I know many people who have had good results with the crate method of training. I wish you success as well.

  9. OMG ANGUS is totally ADORABLE and can so see how he has stolen your heart !!! What beautiful eyes, and yep he is gonna be a big boy that one !!!

    I laugh my friend asked what it is like raising kids and I said “tone of voice, positive reinforcement etc actually it is a lot like training a dog” apart from having four legs your new baby sounds a lot like mine LOL

    Oh and I love the card, to cute and the natural elements, what a cool idea 🙂

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