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Angus, meet my friends…..

We got to bring Angus home on Wednesday night. The Mr’s could barely contain themselves! That first night was “interesting”… he cried a lot in the laundry. I was so tired from the rushing around in preparation during the day and went to bed shortly after we got him settled in the laundry. Just after 2am I got woken, and he cried, yelped and howled off and on til around 6 in the morning. Oh man!!!

But during the day he settled in perfectly! He hasn’t been house-trained at the SPCA at all, so I had to keep an eye on him and be vigilent about taking him to the spot where we want to do his business. So far, no accidents in the day in the house! Woohooo!!

He has also met various neighbours, a neighbour’s dog plus extra kids. And taken it all in his stride! One neighbour works with dogs at the airport and he just could not believe how quickly Angus had settled in… right to finding spots in the sun and just chilling on his mat with the myriad of visitors we had yesterday.

So, so far, he’s one happy puppy!


14 thoughts on “Angus, meet my friends…..

  1. weclome to the N household Angus. I am Janine nice to meet you. Hey Kel he looks cute, and sounds like he is settling in so well. So do we wait util after your exams before we see a layout staring him?

  2. What a gorgeous pup. You are good to keep him in the laundry at night. I don’t know that I could do that though. I’m such a sap and would want him in bed with me. 🙂 It’s good for them to have a space of their own too though and as I’ve found with my cats, they also need a space where they feel safe. My male cat is so funny as he will run to his safe spots when the female goes after him or when we are angry at him and yell for him to stop doing something bad. Unfortunately, one of his “safe” spots is with his head in his food dish and that explains why he is overweight. LOL.

  3. Awww Kelly, he is just adorable!!
    I’ve never owned a dog, but gosh, having a puppy sounds very similar to having a newborn baby!! Crying all night in the laundry (oops, of course babies wouldn’t be in the laundry, but you know what I mean). I’m sure he’ll settle in completely, with all the love & attention your Misters will be giving him!

  4. Ok I seriously have puppy envy! Just think of all the photo ops, doggy related scrapping supplies … not to mention the company during the day and on walks … we need a doggy like Angus. I just introduced him to my kids … they agree!

  5. Awww he’s so cute and very good natured which is what you definitely want. Has he got his own soft toy to sleep with – might help. Now from my view he’s got huge feet – what sort did you say he was???? ROFL. I think you have given him a great home.

  6. Hello Angus! He’s a bit cute allright! Is he still crying in the laundry? If he is you could try a little radio playing quietly – gives him a bit of ‘white’ noise in the background.

  7. welcome to the N family Angus….. love love love the name too….. and Angus ask the children….. we will hear stories about you all the time (as well as photos) so make sure anything embarrassing is kept quiet!!!

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