In search of a name

Well, that week has flown by! I didn’t realise it had been a week since I left my last 2 cents worth on here.

So, it’s been a busy one. Catching up with Beverley, Janine and Sarah last Thursday being one of the highlights. Not much crafting going on, but a couple of projects had finishing touches etc. There’s a lot more to be done….. with the focus on the study, those ideas are just piling up on the back burner. 😆

But they might all have to wait for a bit. Don’t be surprised if the entries on here are a bit hit and miss: the exams are in 4 weeks time, so it really is time to crank up the revision habits. But there is another reason too. And that connects with the title….


Nope…. not pregnant!!

…… We’re getting a puppy!!!

The SPCA was up at the school for an adoption day and I suggested we take a trip up there to check them out. NOT WITH ANY INTENTION OF ADOPTING! It was more just an outing to get some fresh air and to show Hubby the types of dogs that are usually on offer. I’m a big pound puppy fan over pedigrees. In fact I spent a lot of time telling Mr 7 we were just LOOKING, there wasn’t going to be anything coming home with us etc etc.

Then I saw a face and caved!! I teasingly said to Hubby I was in love and we should make space in the car. He ran – he knew I’d persuade him if he didn’t! LOL

But over the rest of the evening, and through the next morning we kept running ideas back and forth. Part of the clincher was that he was part lab, and with me being home for another 7-9 months, now is really the perfect time to get a puppy and establish those boundaries.

A bit more research online, then a trip to the pound in Newtown. The kids loved him, I loved him and the total clincher at the end was his relaxed reaction to the SPCA’s own hussy cat winding up the dogs by wandering back and forth. Our puppy was all “meh…” Totally cool, calm and relaxed. Just the kind of puppy we want.

We’re sticking with the Pound’s name of Angus: he really suits it. Plus, “Monty” (which was the name Mr 7 always wanted to give a dog) just doesn’t fit. He is most probably a Mastiff-Lab cross… a big dog! So now, we are getting ready for his arrival. The section needs a once over from the SPCA, we need to get a kennel, and Mr 4 needs to choose the bowls. He gets this job seeing as Big Brother had the voting control over the name.

So yes, life is going to be “interesting” in the next wee while! Photos will be added as soon as we have some – and I’m sure you will agree he’s a total sweetheart!


13 thoughts on “In search of a name

  1. love the name – Angus….. cute…. and sorry I thought pregnant too – getting a puppy much more fun!!!!!!

    I think a lot more fun – but with only a few days to prepare instead of nine months! Hubby reckons though, it’s like his third child…. he always wanted 3 while I preferrred 2… best of both worlds now 😀

  2. Can’t wait for pics! 🙂 Oh, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    thanks Teeni! I think he’ll be with us by the end of the week – so look out for some pics 😉

  3. What? Lucky you guys!

    I was out walking the other day and was thinking we should get a dog so it can come walking with me … happened to mention the thought to the kids and they haven’t stopped talking about it since!

    Will be waiting for pics and cute puppy stories. :o)

    Oh go check out the pound! It’s in Newtown so a great holiday outing maybe? They had a bunch of puppies in there, so I’m sure you’d find something that you suit you guys! And yes, I’m imagining plenty of enjoyable dog walks in the mornings now 😀

  4. AAAAwwwwww! Can’t wait to see puics of your new addition!
    What colour is he? and how old?
    We love our dog, she is now 19 mths old, the first year was interesting getting her and the kids used to one another but now I would be lost without her! 🙂

    Well, he’s got a black snout, tan/brindle head and body, coming to a black tail. The softest, yummiest ears! and I think he’s meant to be like about 4 months old. But that was coming off the entry paperwork and he’s been desexed by them already, so I think more like 6 months old. I sooo can’t wait!

  5. Aww, can’t wait to see pics of Angus! So neat for your boys to be getting a puppy. Congrats on the new arrival!

    🙂 Thanks Hannah! The Mr’s are so excited – Mr 7 in particular. A dog is something he has wanted for many years now!

  6. Lucky lucky you – we are ready for another one now! How cool for the kids and like everyone else wanna see pictures when you have some.
    I’m so excited about it! We didn’t think we were ready, but on reflection, although it’s a bit earlier it really is good timing because of the fact I’m still home full-time. Pics will come as soon as we get him home! 😀

  7. Oh YAY! so glad you’re getting him! I would love a dog, will be first on my list when we buy a house. Now you’ll have even more of a reason to visit Eastbourne, the dog park will be great for socialising Angus!

    😆 Hubby had all the dog exercise areas committed to memory on the Saturday night – before we even made the final decision to get him! Angus will hopefully enjoy the water as much as we do. We’re so lucky there are many dog friendly spots here in the Hutt!

  8. Angus that is a good BIG name for a BIG puppy – he sounds so sweet and labs are georgous – LOL that is why I avoid the SPCA like the plague I would come home with to many friends otherwise 🙂 Cant wait to see pics and a layout or two – yay this is so exciting 🙂

  9. How exciting and for some reason I didn’t think pregnant lol. Welcome to the “N” household Angus (cute name) and I can’t wait to see photos of the latest addition. I can see a few pages coming up now. Sounds like he will be a spoilt wee boy and why not aye…..

  10. Good luck with the new addition… don’t tell my children, they’ve been ‘hounding'(sorry) me for a puppy for ages…if V was older, maybe, but who would want two puppies to train up ???

    What did you guys do last thurs? Sounds like so much fun and laughs!

  11. Aww – yay for new puppies. I like the name Angus. Okay need photos now lol.
    Hope the study is going well. Do you get a break over the holidays?

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