Just quickly….

Just checking in very quickly as I’ve almost run out of alloted PC time for today ….the Litigation notes are in front of me to remind me that I MUST get off the computer!

  • Saw the surgeon at the hospital last Wednesday re my gallstones. I’ve been booked in for surgery and should be sorted out within the next 6 months. Interestingly, my pain and symptom profile is not “normal” and while it is clear from the ultrasound that I do indeed have gallstones, it isn’t 100% certain that that is what is causing the pain. Great! So I’ve also been booked in for an endoscopy to see if there is another reason.
  • The weather is fantastic the last couple of days. The Mr’s are picking out T-shirts and shorts for a change.
  • Mr 4 had a kindy disco on Friday night – pirates and fairies. He wanted to go as batman, but the teachers really wanted to not have superheros there. So we begged and borrowed a few pirate goodies and he looked the part. And had fun!
  • Hubby bought a new bike over the weekend. He’s getting ready to start commuting down our hill and over to the train station instead of using the car. I‘m wondering if that means I get to spend an equivalent amount in crafting goodies…... 😉
  • My stamps that I won from Trina’s blog showed up today – and they are very cool! I also ordered a few sentiment stamps from Verve the other day. Can’t wait to play with these 🙂 It’s all Sarah’s fault!! 😆

That’s it from me for now….ciao!


12 thoughts on “Just quickly….

  1. OOh – yay for your stamps, Kelly! I bet you will have fun with those! I am going to be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers regarding your gallstones/pain issues.

  2. So you are having your gall bladder removed?? My mum had that surgery done a few years ago and she is a different person now! After years of pain and discomfort that was always misdiagnosed (because it was “atypical” much like yours) she finally had some relief. I pray it will be the same for you.

    Looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stamps! That Sarah, she has a lot to answer for! LOL 😀

  3. Well thats sort of a good news/bad news with your gall bladder. Hope it all gets sorted really quickly for you.

    What is about men and their bikes – Andrew is doing the same thing but lots of preparation and getting all the right gear is driving me nuts. I say YES to spending it on scrappy supplies! LOL

  4. So tell me more … just what stamps did you order and how much does postage cost??? An endoscopy doesn’t sound like much fun. My kids had shorts and t-shirts on yesterday too …. I kept thinking that their legs looked funny! And do we need to meet up for coffee soonish so you can pass on a circle journal or two? Or are you far too busy studying litigation?

  5. yes I had 3/4’s on yesterday – ooohhhhh the white legs are not a good look. At kgtn all the kids keep taking their shoes and clothes off!!! but the sun is out they say – mmmmmm NOT. As for the Ops – all the best for them – least you can treat yourself with stamps once it’s all over – they all sound good.

  6. hey thats pretty cool about the bike, cos they travel free on the train lol. So was the sentiments stamps the ones about knocking ya socks off that caused us to laugh?? Eeks at the gallstones though, thats three people recently with this problem, you and Roo and I read Annalies DH too. Although I know you have battling yours for sometime.

  7. ouch – gallstones, not pretty! You poor thing…hope you can get it all sorted soon.

    Uh oh – if you keep blaming me, you won’t be able to play with me anymore, you’ll so be grounded from my place…or..stash! lol

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