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Book club bargains

This month it is my turn to host the book club I belong to. Apart from getting together for a wine and a chat, I’m going to enjoy my turn as host because I’m hoping to fill my cupcake stand! Awesome! šŸ˜†

This book club differs from another that I was part of while I was living in Europe. There, we all read the same book and came back the next month to discuss. I found this an interesting forum and really enjoyed these monthly outings.

Here, we contribute a small sum of money each month and the hostess chooses books using the total sum for the month and puts those books into essentially a private library. On the night we get together, the new books are introduced and then we browse through the selection that has built up, take the book /s that take our fancy and look forward to a good read. There are no due dates to return the book, we discuss the books to say how we found them and then we settle back for a good chat. With a glass of wine and maybe a bit of home baking. Good fun!

After about a year, you can imagine the collection is fairly huge. So the books that aren’t being taken home, or have been in the collection for a bit, are given to the original purchaser to keep. So it’s important to choose books that you think you would like in your collection at the end of the day. There is no pressure to buy the latest and greatest of whatever – using the monthly sum to buy lots of second hand books is equally valid as purchasing one great book to add. As you can see, I’ve quite enjoyed my last nine months or so of being part of the group. I’ve read a wide variety of books that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across – or heard about.

So today I hit the Dymock’s outlet shop at Queensgate. It’s a temporary shop selling discounted books for as long as there are no other retailers wanting the space. And I’m hoping they’ll be there for a while: there are some really interesting books I would love to get my hands on! I got about 8 books in total for around $70. Not bad!

I chose one I think the Mr’s will love: all about mechanic inventions over the times. I think big boys will also enjoy it and I think it will be taken out for hubby’s as well as kids. There was one on 100 years of plunket, another on headline NZ stories over the last century or so. These both interested me from the historical factor – I love reading about these facts and tid-bits of info. I got a pure fluff book: a novel based on the Bones TV series. No, it wasn’t written by Kathy Reichs who did the novels the TV series was based on – another writer has used the series as a jump point. I thought it was an interesting looking book – I love the Bones series šŸ™‚

But the two that I am really looking forward to reading are “Ana’s Story” by Jenna Bush and “A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hilary Rodham Clinton” by Charles Bernstein.

The first I was curious about after seeing an interview with Jenna Bush after the book was published. Basically, she didn’t come across as the ditz I had taken her for. The book is apparently well written and really brings you as the reader into a world that we don’t often enjoy getting insights to. The second was also one that I was keen to read after seeing reviews. At one point I felt strongly that Hilary was a leader of our time and was keen to see the US finally led by a woman. Over time, that view I held has dipped and waned a bit – but she as a person still fascinates me. I’m not sure if this book is pro- or agin- Hilary per se, but I look forward to seeing the perspective of the writer that brought us Watergate has on her.

And it’s fair to say that among my texts, you’ll probably find my newly acquired Bones book šŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Book club bargains

  1. Your bookclub sounbds good Kelly and I like the fact you get to choose some and keep some in the future. Some interesting reading selections you picked up at Dymocks. Have fun playing with your cup cake holder.

  2. The book club sounds great, and a lot of fun! I would also be keen to read Jenna Bush’s book, and the one about Hilary Clinton.
    I have 6 (SIX!!) books on the go at the moment … just wish I had a few days to curl up in bed and read non-stop!

  3. It sure does sound like a great way to mix up your reading and find new books to read. I tend to stick to the same authors and just wait for their new ones to come out.

  4. That sounds like a great idea for a book club Kelly. Because not everyone has the same tastes and if everyone has to read the same book they won’t all enjoy the experience. The method you describe sounds like much more fun. And of course, there’s cupcakes.

  5. Yay for new (or old) books I love books and if I was a millionaire I would have a library room and Dymocks is great for bargins, and the book club sounds like an awesome idea, different to what I thought (all have the same book and discuss) but so cool that at the end of the year etc you get a whole bunch of awesome books xox

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