I did the Decathlon

LOL – could you imagine?? Only in my wildest dreams could I compete in a real decathlon – and even then I’d be questioning my sanity (even more than most people might on any given day!)

It’s Week 3 of the Sketchbook Olympics and the event for the week was the decathlon: to use no more and no less than 10 elements. Including the photo/s. At first I was thinking it was way too hard – then I realised that 10 elements meant a simpler page. And that kind of page is my sort of style. So I decided I to make time and get something done while I was at the crop on Saturday. I also had a fun photo to work with – my new gumboots!

My elements are the base cardstock, the patterned paper, title, journalling block, 2 ribbons, a stamp, the photo, the plastic tag and a brad.

The gallery is now open, so feel free to go check out the other entries. There are some really amazing pages done.


5 thoughts on “I did the Decathlon

  1. I loved your glamboots page and it looked gorgeous in real life.

    πŸ˜€ Thanks Janine! It does look more washed out in the photo than I realised – but still, it’s a pretty cool page!

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