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Sunny Sunday

Wow! The weather today is just stunning. I wish I could pop a little in a bottle and bring it out on those days that aren’t quite so nice.

I’ve been a bit absent with blogland over the past week. Head in the books – and so far it’s going ok. Not brilliant, but I feel like I am getting through the material so it’s all worth the effort.

During the week some of the girls and I got together with Sarah to celebrate her birthday that was on Wednesday. That was fun: lunch and crafty shopping. Wait, it wasn’t our birthday too?? Oh well! 😆 Now, making a card for a fellow card-maker can cause any amount of anxiety. But then, I figure, any effort is appreciated in that vein, so I went for it:

Then I went and decorated the inside too:

Clearly, I’m still taking photos with the shaky hand look. 🙄

Yesterday I managed to get to a friend’s crop with a bunch of other girls. Great fun. This and SENZ were on my list of still-must-do’s prior to my exams in late October. It felt really good to just go and hang out. I’m pleased too that I got a couple of projects completed. One was for the Sketchbook Olympics so I won’t share that today.

But I did get my own layout from last week’s Scrapbook by Design bossy scrapper finished. I’m sure there is a boss’ perogative to be late in completing! 😆

The funny thing about this layout is that after I saw this one, I was taken with it and thought it would make a great layout to lift and use for instructions. It turns out that it is Fifi’s sister!! Too funny!

Realising that I was going to need a card for today, I also whipped up this card. It was great, because I got to play with Sarah’s nestabilities. OMGosh! That’s all I’m going to say on that matter. For now. Plus, she very kindly let me get the wee sentiment inky for the first time: a little Verve one…. and I think I’m going to have to have a wee peek at their site because the sentiments were really my cup of tea. Ok, there were a couple that had us ROFL-ing…. but the hilarity at crop stays at crop.

And so onto our lovely Father’s Day. The Mr’s decided they wanted to make hubby breakfast in bed. The Peanut Butter Toast kind of breakfast. Something that Hubby isn’t quite as keen on as the rest of us. So he had organised some fruit toast instead. The Mr’s were so excited, they didn’t quite make it to the “no earlier than 7am” get up and go time. But they did come in for a snuggle until that hour. We listened to the last of the Sunday stories on the radio until 7.

Then Hubby decided to hit the road and head on over to the Wairarapa for lunch and a little look at a camping ground that he had been considering for a boys weekend. Lunch in Martinborough was lovely, the drive around Lake Ferry interesting. The campground not quite working. But hey, the reality check was good and now another place will be chosen. I think we’re having BBQ for dinner tonight so really, not a bad day.


9 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. What a great weekend you have had, I hear you on the weather. We went out and about too and went to a nursery to get some new ground coverage plants for the front garden. That was after we sat outside and had brunch at a cafe. I will never forget that sentiment either. Thanks for that image lol. I loved your card, you are so clever and as for the layout that was awesome!!

  2. Ah so what did I miss!!!!! scrappers are a mad bunch!!!! love the cards…. I am so looking forward to Sarah’s Christmas card night this wednesday…. I am so bad at making cards… stick and go!!!!!! I too am off to the verve site…… looks good!!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! We had lovely weather like that yesterday – today has been a bit cold and rainy though. You’ve been quite busy on the creative front lately too – loving it all 🙂

  4. What a cool weekend and I love the cards and the layout, yay cool to see what you were working from and it is stylie 🙂

    Great idea about checking out the camping site first, better to discover it was not so great now rather than later I am thinking 🙂 xox

  5. Wasn’t it beautiful yesterday !!!!!!

    So much better than today.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    Is this *THE* boys weekend avec le Shamrocks ?

    I bought some camping plates and bowls for the boys today.

  6. Talk about absent in blogland….I’m soooo behind! I loooove this card, sooo pretty. It’s sitting with all my gorgeous flowers in my stamp room. Lunch was fantastic too, I felt totally spoiled.

    As for the rest of it….enabler? who? me?!?

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