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But Wait! There’s more!!!!!

Last night was the Club prize-giving. There was a complete mob of boys and parents for the Junior sections of the club. Lots of running around and wrestling and general hi-jinks that seems to come with boys. There was a slight delay in proceedings as some wee fingers had turned off the lights and we had to wait for them to warm up before they came on again.

Inside the practice gym, there was again some semblance of organisation, but mainly lots of noisey boys, waiting for the start of the proceedings. Being the first time we’d come to one of these, we weren’t too sure of what was going to happen. The boys were finally asked to go and group into their teams in a semi-organised fasshion.

Now, this being prize-giving, we knew trophies for Most Valued and Most Improved players were going to be handed out to those members of each team in each grade. Knowing full well how a certain Mr’s sense of justice and right and wrong can easily go pear-shaped, I’d put in a fair amount of ground work. we covered most bases I thought: how it is more important to be a team member, how any winner of a trophy can only be a winner thanks to team mates, how even if you really wanted to be the winner yourself you should still be happy for the team mate that was recognised. I was holding my breath.

Now, here I can tell you that secretly we were hoping everyone else would recognise the talent that me and Hubby felt was there for all to see – you know, in that completely biased pride way you have for your own child’s success! We believed we had seen improvement through the season. Plus the sheer enthusiasm for the game shone through. But despite all the hopes we might have secretly held, we didn’t have any expectations.

Well, we could have:

That’s my Mr!! He’s collecting “Most Improved Player for Randwick Meats Under 7 team” – voted in unanimously! I was so thrilled to hear his name get called – and so proud to see him walking up to collect the trophy from the Caption of the club’s Premier team.

He was super proud when he got to bring the trophy home and show Hubby. I was even prouder because as we were walking back to the car, there was plenty of excitement and a few “I Rock!!” being said. And then he looked up and said “But my team is good too isn’t it, mum?”

And thankfully there was the club’s photographer there taking official photos. Because I was way too far away to take anything decent!

His class mate that encouraged him to join this club but who played in the next grade was also given his team’s MIP. That thrilled both boys as much as their individual achievements did. And there will be some celebrating going on in the class room this morning during News time.


15 thoughts on “But Wait! There’s more!!!!!

  1. YAH for the trophy… congrats proud Mum…. what a season huh!!!! Love the comments about the noise all the boys made while waiting!!!!! such a boy thing…. thought girls can be really giggly too!!

  2. Wow, that’s awesome!! HUGE congrats to your Mr 7, and I’m so glad that others noticed what you & hubby already had (not biased, just very aware, LOL). And I had to laugh at your “ground work” … Ethan sounds like like your Mr and I always have to do some serious talking before such things, to make sure it ends well!! 🙂

  3. Oh yay that is so cool and I love the pics……..LOL about working with him first I seem to remember much the same being said before my brothers prizegivings many moons ago !!! MR I think to that YOU ROCK!!! Well done 🙂

    Completely unrelated here are a couple of cupcake recipes for you from Good Morning – they look so good I might even have a go hee hee

    Ginger cupcakes:

    Chocolate cupcakes:

    Hope these are of some help for you xox

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