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And the season draws to an end

That could be officially the winter as today is the first day of spring and all. However, in our house – or at least in Mr 7’s world – we are talking junior rugby season. It’s done. All over. First pair of boots still quite wearable. I have a funny feeling that is to do with the amount of games they did not see.

The last game of the season however was great. The day was sunny and warming up to be a great day. We all trotted down to the park (all wearing gumboots except for the actual player!) and cheered. The fun thing was that that the two Under 7 teams were officially playing each other. How do you tell which team is which? By the colour of their rippers of course! They must have better sight than I do at that speed, because it looked like a sea of blue and white to me! 😆

Originally it was mooted that the end of season event would be followed up with a BBQ and a swim at one of the local pools. Then an eagle-eyed mum (not me!) spotted that there was a home game for the Lions – and what was more, it was an afternoon game. So the coaches overbooked the number of kids going and the two teams along with siblings and mostly dads piled on down to the caketin.

For Mr 4 it was his first taste of attending a “big” game. He was a bit non-plussed at first, but soon got into the swing of things. Although, the way he tells it the best thing wasn’t that he got to go, the rugby, the tries or even train ride in and out. Nope, it was the bottle of Lemonade that he got to drink!

Life is good when you’re little 😀


9 thoughts on “And the season draws to an end

  1. Now that is so cute, it’s amazing whats is important to a 4 year old. They would have had a fab game on Saturday with the weather we had in the weekend.

  2. Isn’t that the way of it though – the simple things in life are truly the best especially in the eyes of a 4 year old!

  3. He’s so cute, and reminds me of my kids! Tyler said the best thing about going to the snow was the McDonalds toy he got on the way home in Taupo, ROFL!!!!

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