Spotlight, oh how I love thee

Ok, so Beverley has had me in cupcake envy since she introduced her cupcake stand of the century. I’ve been coveting it from afar for quite some time.

Then last week, my girlfriend Donna had several of us around for a Stampin Up evening. All fun and good, except, what did I spy?? Nothing as grand as Beverley’s one, but gorgeous and cute all the same. No picture folks, but you will have to trust me on the fact I was in a near faint when I spied it on her supper table. 3 tiers, same white wire look, but lower and a little more low-key. Perfect, really, for me.

“Where did you get that?” was the question I just had to ask. “Oh, that? In Spotlight. I got it a few months back.”

And she never told me????? Some friend! Actually, she probably was being a good friend because she probably knew I’d spent the spare grocery money on scrapbooking goods that week.

Today, I was going to pop into Spotlight in Kaiwhara. I was there to pick up a thermos that was on special that looked perfect for Mr 7 to take his much loved noodles to school and actually still have them warm to eat at lunchtime. Possibly even to take a warm soup to school. When I can trust him with such treats – trust him not to spill the contents through his bag.

I was at the checkout, Mr 4 having dropped the thermos several times. It’s great that they are made out of plastic these days and not glass, eh? Then a thought whizzed through my brain.

I’m in Spotlight. Right near the kitchen section. Where those cupcake stands were found a few months back. OMGosh!! A quick text assured me I was in the right area but looking was not finding them. So I asked a staff member. Who had to ask at least two other members of staff. Because no-one had any idea.

Suddenly, a box must have moved among the glasses. It caught my eye. I needed to take a closer look. Indeed, it said cupcake on the side. Cupcake stand even. But it was ugly – nasty silver and all that. I was just about to give up, then two shelves over and down a bit was a rather plain box. With a picture that look vaguely familiar. OMGoodness!!!

It came home with me.

Happy? Very!

And I see it only has 3 tiers to fill. Awesome. So, ladies…… I need your favourite cupcake and / or icing (frosting) recipes. Feel free to leave me these in teh comments…. the family will be taste testing 😀

ETA: there’s a reason the I’ve blurred the photo… 😉


11 thoughts on “Spotlight, oh how I love thee

  1. Oooh – how pretty! No wonder you coveted it! Now we need to see it filled with cupcakes! I’m very happy for your find! Congrats! I hope it brings you many years of delicious cakes! 🙂

  2. Go you but don’t you just gotta love the Spotlight staff and their product knowledge!!! LOL. I found the CHCH cupcake shop yesterday but alas it is nothing like your Tempt.

  3. Love it!! Looking forward to seeing more pics of it filled with gorgeous cupcakes 🙂

    I posted my favourite cupcake recipe on The Sketch Book forum the other day, in response to Annelie’s request for recipes. You should try it – they are good 😉

  4. love the blurry photo – just assumed it was cos you still have the shakes!!! or cupcake withdrawls!!!! will think if you when at tempt today..mmmm

  5. Excellent find!
    I might have to trot off to Spotlight here in Melbourne to find two- for myself and one for my daughter Feral Queen.
    Coz the moment she sees mine she’ll want it lol.

  6. Thats a cool cupcake stand Kell!! Whoo hooo:):)

    I have a similar one too…..but not for cupcakes…for stamps and embellies:):) Just as yummy..LOL!!

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