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It’s Wednesday again

And that usually means time for a few woohooots in Janine style.

Mr 4 is back to kindy today – quite ready for it. Both of us.

I kept him at home yesterday as well, more as a chance to rest than because he was still ill. He was quite happily occupying himself with his craft goodies. He’s so into making cards right now. We get all sorts of meticulous creations. He loves to cut things into really, really tiny and virtually perfect shapes. I think he’s a linear boy: loves things in symmetry and in order. He had particular fun yesterday with a glitter technique. He would run a line of double sided tape (in a particularly straight line I might add!) then tip the glitter all over it. We then tap off the excess on to a scrap piece of paper (just like mum does) and get mum to help tip that lot into the jar again. Stickers and shapes were then added – just so, and in perfect symmetry and his name was written a few times in the right spaces. The end result was given to Dad to take to work this morning.

Shift forward about 15 or so hours to this morning.

Mr 4 would like to do another card. Not before kindy he is told – but this is ignored and card making begins while I am in the shower. Mr 4 wants to show Mr 7 his great new technique.

Mr 7 is more………….. “free-style” with his crafting. Fast. Quick. Cut it there, slap it down kinda crafting.

My shower is interrupted. There is glitter ALL over the lounge floor. “I’m sorry I got the crafting box out Mum” I get from a remorseful Mr 4. I’ve just finished vacuuming a 3rd time. There is STILL some glitter in the carpet.

The woohooo in all this??

I love the fact the Mr’s love to craft as much as I do. 😀


14 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday again

  1. love that you have passed this onto your son…. as for the glitter one,, we do that at kgtn too – I find it in the shower, in my bed, on the couch…. it is so sticky!!!!

  2. Oh Kelly you must be such a wonderful mum to see the positve side in the glitter incident, and so early in the day to!! Good on you!!

  3. I’m glad Mr 4 is feeling better (Tyler seems to have come down with that now … DOH!) and I had to laugh at the “glitter antics” … but you are right to look for the positive side. It’s awesome that they love card-making as much as their Mum!

  4. Glad you could make a whoo hoot out of that! Interesting how they both have different crafting styles … I guess mine are a bit like that too. Rebekah’s the free-styler and Alexander’s the linear one … not sure quite what Jessi is yet! And glitter on the carpet … nice.

  5. How cool is that … two crafty boys – it’s in their genes – ROFLMAO … but I know where you are coming from … definitely could do without all the glitter on the floor.

  6. Oh that is cute, well apart from the glitter, I have moo helping me (watched like a hawk) with the cutter and he loves pushing it up and down, cant wait to show him and squeak glitter maybe the carpet can wait tho LOL

    Yay mr 4 and 7 for wanting to create, yay mummy for encouraging it and yay they are so different all linear and free style, that is so cool 🙂 YAY waht a great wahoot, maybe boys arent too bad after all LOL !!! (love mine to bits tho shhhhh dont tell)

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