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On a quiet Monday morning

I’m at home this morning and about to crack open those pesky text books and notes. But before I do {…I swear, I STILL hold the title of Procrastination Queen!!} I’m savouring a cup of Earl Grey, and taking time to snuggle a certain Mr 4. He’s home with me today instead of being at kindy because he has got a Bug of some kind. Not sure what it is… It started out looking like a cold last week, and over the weekend it decided to trouble us with spikey temperatures. I was hoping this morning that all would be well, but he was up a couple of times all hot and flushed again. Plus his eyes are streaming with that stinging look that makes your own eyes water. Hmmmm. Best to keep the bugs to ourselves I think.

And it means I get to muck around that bit longer. Shhhhhh!!

Ok, so, weekend round-up, because it was a busy one.

  • Mr7 played a real game of rugby at long last. Me and my gumboots missed it because there was an activity clash. Next week is the last week of the season. 😯 Last week, forms were circulated for Best Player and Most Improved Player. We weren’t allowed to vote for our own kids – which does make a lot of sense – but I wanted to! I think Mr7 has made great improvement – here’s hoping the other mums and dads thinks so too. 😆
  • Two parties for Mr4 and I to attend. The first was meant to be a family affair but due to the rugby, it was a half and half split of representation. The second one was in the afternoon and was a Miss4 from preschool. Her dad is the best party-gamer! He had them all doing mini-olympics: complete with lanes marked on the grass. Very cool. Luckily the bug/cold thing wasn’t so big a deal that day so we got to partake.
  • While Mr4 and I were at the second party, Hubby and Mr7 went Kayaking. A first fairly big trip for Mr7 – from Days Bay to Eastbourne and back. Not bad for a kid that loved the idea but was too nervous to actually do it this time last year.
  • I ignored the increasing level of housework chaos – and will be paying for that today…..
  • Keryn had her 1st Anniversary of demonstrating for SU and celebrated by having a special demo. All good fun. Especially loved the afternoon tea that was carefully constructed to match the featured stamp set for the demo – “Tart and Tangy”. We had orange slices, cherries and strawberries. And those strawberries were delicious!! Great to see Keryn thriving in her role 🙂
  • I remembered the Scrapbook by Design Scrappy Boss in time to join in. Liz (aka ScrapDizzy) was the Boss this week and at first I struggled to get started. Mainly because I was mucking around with the colours to begin with. And when I got into it, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the result – because I had a weird sort of colour scheme going on! I mean; red, yellow, orange, brown and green?? But this morning I saw it, and decided it worked and really just needed the title to be added. Et voila:


17 thoughts on “On a quiet Monday morning

  1. It sounds like you had a busy weekend, Kelly! Good news that Mr 7 got to play rugby again … a bit of a disappointing season really with so many cancelled games. Fingers crossed for the “Most Improved” award!
    That’s a lovely layout, and a special photo. 🙂

    I hope Mr 4 feels better soon – his symptoms sound a lot like the bug that’s been spreading like wildfire through most Auckland schools (although not ours yet, here’s hoping we are exempt).

  2. Wow what a busy weekend you have all had. Hope the bug doesn’t hang around too long.
    Love your bossy lo, too cute, gorgeous photo

  3. oh that layout is stunning. I am still trying to make mine work……just got home from doing errands out and about and I plan to tidy up my bossy scrapper and start my sketchbook olympic challenge. What a great weekend you had and fingers crossed Mr 7 gets an award. Awww at poor Mr 4 and bugs. Keryns party soudned fab. great idea on the theme.

  4. wow your weekend sounds as busy as mine…as for the sickness sounds a little like what is going around our centre…… good luck with the study

  5. Thats a lovely layout – don’t know what you were worried about!!! LOL. Hope Mr 4’s bugs don’t turn into anything really nasty and fingers crossed for Mr 7. Have a great week.

  6. OMG what a weekend I am tired just reading about it LOL farout, soon that will be me with boys sigh hee hee (secretly i am looking forward to it) Love the layout and the colours are cool I would have never thought to use them all together but it looks great and the photo is adorable xox

    thought“?? No, there was no thinking about the colours before using them! LOL – no, they evolved thorugh the instructions and what I picked up next! 😆

  7. Nice relaxing with Earl Grey tea and snuggling poor Mr 4. I have a little 2 year old sleeping next to me right now having woken screaming and wet from perspiration during afternoon sleep. Poor little guy has the bug the rest of us have!

    Love your bossy scrapper layout! I think the colours work really well. They give it the perfect feel of serenity.

  8. Hi Kelly! Thanks for the comments at my blog. I responded to you over there. I hope your husband is feeling better. It sounds very similar to what I had this past week. As a matter of fact my sinuses still aren’t back to normal but fortunately the fever didn’t last too long. LOL@ the increasing level of housework chaos. I will be paying for that tomorrow, myself. I love your scrapbook page! Although those colors don’t sound great together, they really do look nice with in that layout! They are calm and cozy which is just right for that photo actually. 😉

  9. Busy, busy you! Hope you actually did open those text books this morning…

    That layout turned out great … love the photo, I don’t have many like that … it would require dh to think of taking it I suppose.

  10. I’ve enjoyed looking at your work Kelly! Thank you for sharing with us – I like your style!

    Winter always provides us with health challenges – hurry up spring where we can get outside and let the sunshine do its job!

    Annie (NCJS Group)

  11. Wow what a busy weekend. Lucky you could find the time to pop into my place on Sunday.

    I love that layout. The heart is gorgeous.

    I hope Mr 4 is feeling better today and that you’re getting some study done.

  12. Nothing wrong with the colours that you put together on that layout my friend … you’ve rocked it … awesome!

    Pleased to read that Mr 7 played a real game of rugger … woo hoo!

  13. I love your layout! Great job and thanks for your company on the night! Nice to know im not the only one up scraping the night away!

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