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Olympic Warm-up

Haha! Did I have you fooled even just a bit with that title? It’s not about physical sport at all – although, perhaps I should really go for a walk today.

SketchBook is getting in the groove of all things Olympian and having a bit of a scrapping contest. All participants had to choose a country to represent and sign-up by today. Now, normally I don’t enter these things because A) there are waaaaay too many talented ladies out there for me to even “compete” and B) the whole time commitment thing – I usually can’t be sure I can meet the deadlines because ….yes, that’s right: “study first”. I so cannot wait til 22 October!

However, this contest is one where we are being encouraged to take part in as and when we can. Not too sure therefore if I can take part in every challenge, but, well, maybe some of them. So there was a warm up that needed to be in by midnight last night. I decided yesterday morning I might as well have a go and signed up as Luxembourg. Knowing the challenge was to do a layout in the colours of the chosen countries flag and only those colours, I wanted to be kind to myself and knew that I had plenty of red, white and blue to work with. At 7.30 I was hunting for a photo of myself to work with – yes, that was the other part of the challenge. There deliberately is not too many pics of me waiting to be used – but thanks to Kris who took some photos on teh fly while we were at scrapcamp a few months back, I found a couple.

So the flag I had to work with:

And no, I have not got this confused with Netherlands! Their flags are virtually identical, and while I lived over there, I always thought that the similarity was borne from the fact the Grand Duke was of the House of Orange – the same as the ruling house of Netherlands. Well, that turns out to be a coincidence. Interesting. The blue here is a different shade of blue to the Dutch flag and Luxembourg uses a ratio of 3:5 or 1:2, meaning their flag is longer than that of their Dutch cousins. The colours for the Luxembourg flag were derived from the country’s coat of arms, and the flag was first used during the Belgian revolt in 1830, although it was only in 1972 that they brought in legislation regulating their flag.

Anyway, that’s enough history for the moment. Here is the layout I did for the warm-up:

Actually, I’m glad to have done this challenge. As I said, it was at 7.30pm last night that I figured out what I was going to use and how. The layout was uploaded by about 10.30. All in all, a pretty quick layout! But the thing that pleases me most is how I managed to document the connection to my nana. I’ve enjoyed all sorts of crafts for a while now, and when I thought about it, it was my nana that introduced me to things like knitting and cross-stitch about 30 odd years ago. It was something I didn’t think of much back then, I got bored with it all and only restarted doing something crafty in late High School. Now, I can’t live with not doing something! And I’ve added a fair few other handcrafts into my repertoire! Who knew my nana was teaching me all those years ago something that would become so satisfying?


13 thoughts on “Olympic Warm-up

  1. That was a stunning layout you speedy scrapper and I learnt about your flag and teh history behind it. I liked that layering and the stitching was very pretty.

  2. Kelly, I just love the layout you’ve done! The B&W photo really works well with those colours. And you did it super fast!!! Wow!
    It’s great that you’ve joined in. We purposely wanted it to be flexible so if you don’t have time to do a challenge, you’re not eliminated from the whole thing.

  3. I almost skipped reading because of your Olympic title ha ha. Love the layout. I know how you feel about joining in challenges, I’m the same but now you’ve taken the plunge maybe it will be the encouragement I needed! Colours are great and it’s nice to hear the story that goes with the layout. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with for the challenges.
    Good luck from Oz

  4. Well done Kelly – sometimes it pays to just do it and not overthink too much about them. Great job.

  5. Wow – I looooove that stitching! I stick to boring old straight stitches on my pages and cards. My Nana and Grandma introduced me to all things crafty too, I’d go nuts without something creative to do! Good luck in the olympics!

  6. Very nice you speedy scrapper! And yep, I can thank my Grandma for passing on the crafty genes … I found out when she died that she used to go to night-school every week from before she was married till she was in her seventies. Did everything from cake decorating to hat making and woodwork.

  7. Very cool layout! Isn’t it cool how scrapping brings together a range of craft techniques šŸ™‚ I don’t know what I would do without my crafts and crafty magazines šŸ˜‰

  8. LOVE that layout Kelly! You used the colours so well! And I just love how everything is set out.
    Good luck with the last of your study. For me I CAN wait until the 22nd October, I really don’t want my little boy to get another year older! That is Isaac’s b’day. But I have a feeling, and you will be pleased, it is going to go fast.

  9. Kelly, that’s an awesome layout. I’m in the same boat as you – I aren’t going to get all the layouts done, but figured it’s another layout in the album, so what the heck!

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