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Watching the olympics should be an event in itself….

Had a busy weekend not doing very much. There’s a bit of overtiredness creeping in among us all and the weekend is definitely a good time to chill out and recharge. I have a funny feeling it has something to do with that major sporting thingy on at the moment! 😆

Super Saturday lived up to its name don’t you think? At one point, while watching the rowing, it seemed like all I could do was help pull on those oars as well. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one pulling on the Evers-Swindell’s: 1/100th of a second??! Yep, they definitely had 4 million kiwis helping them out on that last stroke!

I heard this morning someone make a comment about if you cut Mahe Drysdale’s bronze medal open, you would find it was solid gold on the inside. I quite liked that thought – it definitely sums up the amount of effort he put into that race.

Anyway, I decided that on Sunday evening, rather than watching numbly the volleyball or some other sport that wasn’t actually that interesting to me, I would finally take part in “The Bossy Scrapper” over at Scrapbooks by Design. I always forget that it’s on Sunday night, and when I remember, it’s been too late. I have been printing off the instructions though, so I have a couple of pages to be done in my study-reward time 😉

Last night Carol was the boss. She had lovely instructions to follow – although I went with two 6×4 photos rather than the recommended 7×8 pic. I’m glad because these photos were fun to use. The scan hasn’t come out so well (I see in the scan that somehow the spots of the paper behind the photos have come through the photos ), but well, life’s like that. Mr 7 loves it and it’ll be on display until the next finished one is ready to be popped up in its place.

It was a fun couple of hours and for the first time, I actually created while taking part in the fun chat! Those girls are definitely on the slightly crazy side of life!! I look forward to seeing the rest of the layouts being loaded. And I’ll be taking part again this weekend. If I’ve been good with the study that is 🙂

…..Speaking of which. Guess what I need to pop my head into now…. yes, some litigation paper reading. Righto….


11 thoughts on “Watching the olympics should be an event in itself….

  1. Definitely was a “Super Saturday” … and I love the comment about Mahe’s medal 😉 He was awesome and I was so proud!

    Well done for completing a Bossy Scrapper layout! I find Sunday nights are the worst for me getting time online … and I don’t think I’d be much good at chatting while scrapping anyway 😉 Great layout you have to show for your efforts Kelly!

  2. Must check out this bossy scrapper – a great layout in spite of the spots! LOL

    Hadn’t heard that one about Mahe’s medal but what a great comment.

  3. Fab layout – good on you for doing the ‘bossy scrapper’ thing!! the olympics was GREAT on saturday night – excellent to see.

  4. very cool layout – and I’m with you on the Olympics.. too many late nights watching the games…..

  5. Love the layout….very cool arrow. I’m in awe of you….I sooooo couldn’t wait until “reward time” to bury myself in my stash, you’re an inspiration!

  6. Well I hear you on the olympics, I screamed myself hoarse watching all of the rowers in action, and other New Zealanders. Love your take on the bossy scrapper, isn’t it fun??? Gosh you were brave calling those ladies crazy!! ;-p Anyway see you on Thursday!!

  7. * Yawn yawn * Olympics shympics. What can I say? I’m just not that into sports!

    And yes WS is a very bad kiwi! lol

    Your layouts are very nice though Scrappy

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