A bit of fun

I’m still on dial-up…. I really am getting twitchy waiting for the new bill-month to get here.

Today was so sunny, I can barely concentrate on my work in front of me. I’m really not sure how much of it sank in, so I decided that I should just enjoy today by hanging out. Got some washing folded, poked around (albeit very, v.e.r.y. slowly) on a few new websites, got some washing hung out on the line, picked Mr 4 up from kindy. Saw the astonishingly large collection of pictures he and kindy-girlfriend spent the last two mornings producing for the teachers. Came home and mucked around some more. Hmmmmm, not so productive today. That’s ok…. it’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun, I think it made me loopy.

While mucking around, I came across this site. Remember the Photo a day for a month challenge I did back in February? Well, this blog is doing something similar. Except for 365 days. And with Lego. Cool!! Definitely head over there because the photos are just very, very neat!

I’m not showing it to Mr 7 and his friend, because I just know they will like it way too much.

And they have homework to do.

Like I don’t??!!! šŸ˜†

Yesterday I discovered that I will never be able to take Mr 7 anywhere near a toyshop again. Not until Star Wars is well and truly consigned of the “that’s so last year” bin. Which I have a feeling is no time soon. How did I reach the realisation of never going toy shopping again?

When I saw several stores had this in stock:

Yes, indeed. I think I need one of these myself, if only to avoid listening to the inevitable tantrum that is going to come when one of these is spotted. At $60 a piece, it’s not coming home with us anytime soon.


10 thoughts on “A bit of fun

  1. okay Mike would love that voice changer, no really he would….so where did you see it?? Gotta love the sun.

  2. Gee, I feel for you! Once you’ve got broadband, going back to dial-up is painful!
    Kelly, I can totally see you wearing that voice changer mask … would look Oh-So-Stylish on you!

  3. A voice changer … eh … woo hoo … would love to see it in action … would love to see kids reactions when they saw someone wearing one and then again when said person spoke … how cool would that be???

    Enjoy the sunshine while its there.

  4. Its good to have a day like today every now and again. I don’t go near the toy shops either – for Aaron anything lego or knex is on his list (and its a very long and expensive list because as they get older the sets get bigger)

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