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Rain, rain, go away….

or at least go somewhere were you are needed!!

Squelch, squelch is the sound I seem to make anywhere I’m walking these days. And to be honest, it’s usually only from the parked car to the school or kindy and back. Yes indeed…. I am over the rain!! I am, however, thankful that the rain is ALL I am complaining about. All those people without power, homes slipping away from under them…. *shudder*

I thought I needed to actually do a post today. I wanted to show you the cards and layouts I was able to do over the weekend. Because I have been pretty good with the study timetable so I got to go out Friday night to Vicky’s and play with Keryn, Donna and Mandy too. Then on Saturday from after lunch til late, I went to the crop in Otari that Joh kindly organised. Fun!!

However, hubby downloaded some heavy stuff from the band comps earlier, and guess what? Yep, I’m sitting on dial-up. Sigh! It’s just taking way too long to upload the pretty pics.

In other news – that also comes picture-less 😦 – Mr 7 got “Player of the Day” on Saturday morning. Wooohoooo! The official game was rained off so the two under-7’s teams played each other in the “Sawpit”. Mr 7 got three tries. Awesome!!! When asked how he did them, it was a very cool and calm “oh, I just jinked, then jinked and jinked.” Cool! Mr Henry might have to come and take a look I feel. 😆

And as a side-note about the game on Saturday…. phew! Only got to see the highlights, but was very pleased to see the score on tele-text when I got home. {not so thrilled that it seems I didn’t have the winning lotto ticket on Saturday night… with all those extra prizes, I should have gotten something n’est pas??!} 😉


12 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away….

  1. Funny you should talk about the squelching cos thats a noice I make too and in fact I commented on this fact in the weekend to Mike as we went to the supermarket. Go Mr 7 on player of the day. I laughed at your comment about how you missed my cheekiness after I left lol ( I feel like saying, yeah right) ;-). Those cards were stunning (the ones on Saturday that you showed me).

  2. At least you have got your cool red gumboots for all the squelching going on!! LOL. Theres a lot of scrapping going on up your way going by all the blog posts about it.

    Hope you don’t have too long to wait for your broadband to be reinstated.

    Yay for Mr 7 – well done. Love all the jinking!

  3. “Squelch, squelch” … I can hear you coming, Kelly! I’m in agreement about the rain. UTTERLY.

    Yay and HUGE congrats to Mr 7 for winning POTD, what a great effort, 3 tries!!

    The AB’s game was a good one, I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the result VERY much too. Ah, the gloating!!

  4. kelly, i CANNOT believe it’s still raining! i’m so iver it too. was great to see you saturday – keep up the good study regime and have a great week

  5. I’m used to the rain now….. it makes it easy to find something to wear- jeans and boots.. jeans and boots…. jeans and boots… easy!
    Did you make a pretty Birthday card that you might want to donate to a friend in USA? I cant post it on my blog cos she reads it (duh) so if you or anyone else is keen, send me an email on
    and btw Kelly- are YOU READY !!!???????? im fully booked for SENZ, I totally expect full hostess treatment of all the easy ways to get around and to the LSS’!!!!!!!!!!

  6. omgosh – I’m in complete agreement about the rain!!! Dunedin was cold, sure….but it was reasonably dry! The rain has been the most surprising thing about Welly so far I think.

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday and see your gorgeous cards!

  7. Oh tell me about it, squsih squish all the same, nah not really into the rugby sorry, dont shoot me, but so cool your little AB got player of the day that is awesome !!! WELL DONE 🙂

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