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Man Flu

Luckily it appears (so far!) that is not in this household. But, a friend sent this link through – and it’s just way too funny not to share!! It really is worth clicking and giggling for the next 2 or 3 minutes 🙂

In other news, I discovered that I know “Tuesday” in Maori as Turei…. yet schools are taught different versions – Tuesday = Ratu. So when I heard Mr 7 telling hubby about something to do with Maori Language Week and thought I could cleverly add my impressive knowledge, Mr 7 was very quick to play the corrective teacher. I was very confused! Turns out, that what I learnt in younger days is a transliteration – a form that is close to English. And the new form that is being taught a more “traditional” form that has been officially recognised by the Maori Language Commission since 1990. So there you go – both Mum and son are correct. And I promise it wasn’t a slightly competitve streak in me showing through as to who might have been correct 😉 Truly. 😆

And is it just me, or are there things that we would have learnt at school that have changed – and now there are new versions of the “truth”?? Things like Pteradactyls are no longer dinosaurs,  the Great Wall of China is NOT visible from space,  Pluto is not a planet (I knew this one, as I heard it announced on the radio the day it was “decided”).  Are there things out there that you knew as a kid, but are now taught differently?

It was quite pleasant here weather wise today – I should have hung my washing out to dry afterall. I was expecting more of the rain. Because, you know, I just haven’t had enough of the driving, wet, cold, muddy, sodden weather.

OK – you know I’m fibbing….. Roll on Spring and Summer already!!


13 thoughts on “Man Flu

  1. ooohhh I got this link too, but cant watch till at work tomorrow as on SLOW dial up here. As for the Maori lesson was this off my blog by any chance??? Both versions are still ok to use Turei an Ratu….. all depends on who is teaching you!!! good on you for having a say in their discussion…. and for being RIGHT too!!!! As for what children are learning that differs…. just about everything during my day… i am constantly learning….. for me it is the internet… now we have this we have opened the whole learning world up… and it will keep on going… luckily I am comfortable telling the children I am a learner too!!!! As for spring and summer I am so with you – ROLL ON WARMER WEATHER!!!!!

    LOL – no, the other night when the discussion took place, I had to prove I was right… so googled and came to the Wikipedia entry. But your post did prompt me to include it here because it’s a bit of fun to highlight how teaching changes things you knew to be “fact”!!

  2. There is a quote I like by John Holt.

    “…since we can’t know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned.”

    It’s a huge part of why we unschool…to give a love of learning, not knowledge that can change any time.

    Hahahaha on the video!

  3. Wait until they get to High School and everything you ever learnt with maths is wrong! Whats long division?? Who needs it anyway??

  4. Here’s hoping the spring will be slightly less damp than winter then LOL! But I need it to rain on and off in summer, we live on water tanks!

  5. loved that cli[p that was so funny. Mike had a man cold on Friday and Saturday but by Sunday he was able to move said body off the couch. He got soup and hot lemon and honey drinks. I draw the line at a bell for him though lol. I think the thing I most noticed at school as a student teacher was teh way they teach maths now at school is so so so different. Its all about what strategy did you use as opposed to learning one set way. Rote learning timetables is out.

  6. Yep, love that video clip, a friend sent it to me a few months ago. Classic!

    It is definitely amazing how things are taught at school now. Very different to when I was there! But what amazes me the most is the things they are learning. Six-year-olds learning about onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification (and knowing exactly what all those terms mean). Even Ethan’s teacher said at the interview that it’s changed a lot for her since she started teaching, the stuff that she has to teach Year 2 is a LOT different than it was 6 years ago. But I say great, why not start early? Perhaps they’ll retain it better than we all did, LOL!

  7. The major thing that sticks in my mind is that swinging on the clothes line was really wrong..according to my mum.
    But everyone else told me it was the best thing to do! lol 😉

  8. Hehehe, funny video. Exactly how it is! Sometimes I don’t even think the teachers are clued in when it comes to things changing either. Kamryn’s ‘block’ has been doing planets and I was pretty shocked to see Pluto up there with them all and teaching the kids it was a planet. I mentioned it to her teacher and she said ‘oh is it not one any more’ lol. Surely a memo should have gone out on the day lol.

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